A year in france…our first week!

A year in france…our first week!

So, where to start?!

Our first week in France has gone by so quickly. It feels kind of like we’ve done nothing and everything all at the same time!

By ‘nothing’ I mean we’ve not been totally free to wake up each morning and fully explore the area or go on midnight star-gazing tours like we did before we had children. But then, I scroll through the photos on my phone and wonder how on earth we’ve seen so much in one week.

I think we’re all probably a bit exhausted from the packing and the months of build-up before actually leaving the UK and getting our house ready for Airbnb.

I’m emotionally drained from worrying about our eldest son Leo (3) being home-sick. I’ve just about stopped panicking everytime he mentions home or his cousins!

He’s asked about home a few times…he’s cried about it once. Mostly because I accidentally left one of his toys at home…he cheered up once Daddy had remembered which toy he was talking about (I had no idea who ‘the twisty Venom’ was!) We literally have every type of Superhero with us in France but the ‘twisty Venom’.

A year in france
Frozen superheroes in ice! Perfect when it’s 36°C outside!

They’ve settled in really well the last few days. I’m sure we have more tears to come but for the moment they’re both taking it well and seem very happy here.

We’ve had some amazing experiences already…

The boys loved our stop-over in the city of Amiens (read full post here) in Northern France. The park was amazing and the little canals absolutely beautiful glittering in the sunshine.

I was really keen to get out at night and see the city lit-up…especially the Cathedral. After dark you can join the crowds on the steps in front of Cathedral and watch the light show.

Having visited on honeymoon, I was desperate to go back and watch it with my boys. I even planned it so that they napped longer during the day. Usually an extra nap means a bedtime of midnight for mummy and daddy but obviously on this day they were desperate for bed by 7pm! Anyway, the light show started at nearly 10pm. We ate ice cream, saw some pretty lights and then took our toddlers back to bed.

The next day we spent the morning at Amiens Zoo. I’m glad we made the time to walk there as it was lovely seeing all the cute animals in such a beautiful environment.

We don’t like spending too long in the car each day. Bastien is a little young for very long car journeys and we also like to explore new places. We try to get as far as possible while he naps, then stop for food before completing the rest of the way in entertainment mode singing Old Mac Donald and eating snacks.

Our life seems to revolve around playgrounds at the moment. This Playground app has been really useful. We use it to choose airbnbs or hotels aswell as daytime stops. The playground at our overnight stop in Chalons-en-Champagne didn’t disappoint. Les Jards are beautiful and we only scratched the surface of what there was to do there. We will definitely be returning!

A year in france
The Park at Les Jards

We arrived in Tramayes, Burgundy to 36°C so have spent a lot of time at the lake down the road in Saint Point.  The boys love jumping in so our arms are aching from constant catching…I had a slight rest to capture this video…?

It’s lovely seeing the boys having so much fun in the water…it’s warmer than our local swimming pool was so we can actually stay in a while without them turning blue!

We’ve had a day of rain too…and a spectacular thuderstorm! The best thing about having more sunshine is that when it rains it seems like a novelty…

A year in france
A walk to find puddles…

There’s lots more we want to see and do in Burgundy before we travel west in a month…so follow us to see what we get up to…

At the moment, everything’s new…everything’s different…everything’s exciting. Even grocery shopping!

We’ve been missing that these last few years. Leaving familiar routine has made the days feel much longer…it’s not dinnertime and bedtime before we know it. We’re not bored with the same old. We feel alive. And we’re spending quality time together.

We often regretted being so sensible in our twenties. Uni…jobs…mortgage…marriage… kids (with not much else in between!) We wished we’d met sooner and travelled more when we were care-free and didn’t need to travel with a pushchair and nappies.

But now, we’re glad we did it this way. I’m glad that travel and adventure are a part of our children’s lives. I’m inspired everyday by the wonder they see in the world and by their reaction to the things that I take for granted.

I’m excited to keep this feeling going as long as we can. To keep things fresh and exciting. To challenge ourselves and step outside our ‘normal’…


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  • I loved reading this! You are an inspiration to young families! The boys are lucky to have such adventurous parents, what a fab start to life xxx

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