Where do you want to be in a years time? 

Where do you want to be in a years time? 

Where do you want to be in a years time? This question is great for re-focusing your mind and finding out what is really important to you.

I’m always a bit paranoid about the whole ‘searching for happiness’ thing having watched the film ‘Into The Wild’ with a miserable ex many moons ago! Basically, the main character gives up everything in search of happiness only to realise on his deathbed that he’d been happy all along! Depressing! Ok, I don’t want to die from eating a poisonous wild pea like the guy in the movie but surely part of the fun in life is about new experiences. There are millions of people in the world who aren’t living for the now…they’re living for home-time or when the kids go to Uni or retirement. Apparently it’s called Destination Addiction. There’s a name for everything isn’t there! Life is about enjoying the moments rather than always working towards end-goals but that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid to go on a journey…seeking out a new happiness for ourselves.

Journeys are one of the most powerful and literal tools for making passages or transitions because they manifest our internal drives and desires in the outside world. The journey is a deliberate effort to move beyond ourselves. We venture into unfamiliar territory to seek challenge and change, to find new answers and dimensions. Journeys free us from the bounds of our own space, allowing us to experience things in a way that is not possible in our home environmentAbigail Brenner M.D

Take us for example. The Joneses! We have a lovely little house in beautiful mid-Wales. Several amazing beaches, mountains and forests on our doorstep. Yet we both feel that taking our children away from their family and leaving the country is the right thing to do. Somedays I think we must be mad, ungrateful or stupid! Who are we to decide that we want something else when some people have nothing? Surely we should just be grateful for what we have? Guilt, self-doubt, over-analysing, anxiety…those horrible little niggling feelings that can totally guide your thought process and entire life if you let them. I used to suffer from anxiety and it took over my life for the best part of a year. It was horrible! I’d never quite understood how utterly out of control we are of our own mind! Having children was the turning point for me. I’m not actually sure if it was the children or actually the fact that I left my job and didn’t go back! Whatever it was it gave me a new perspective  and a new enthusiasm to do what makes us happy, now. In hindsight I can’t believe I stayed 10 years being treated badly at work when it turned out it was so easy to leave…to make a positive change. I wanted someone else to somehow give me permission to make my life better. But you should be your own biggest supporter…no-one should want happiness and success for you more than you want it for yourself!


So, back to THE question you should be asking yourself…Where do you want to be in a years time? Here’s the process I follow to help me answer the question, focus my mind and achieve my goals. This process has allowed us to develop new healthy habits and make bold decisions about our family life. I’d advise you to give it a try if you feel stuck in a rut, unsatisfied or just fancy a change:

Visualise your future…write down everything you want for yourself a year from now. Don’t look too far ahead…it’s too daunting!

Prioritise…choose some realistic goals to remind youself of what you want to achieve…focus on things that  you can work on now.

Remind yourself…read your goals list daily or weekly to remind yourself if what’s important to YOU. This will help you to focus on what you should be working on rather than getting distracted or pulled another direction.

Take time every month to review your goals…What’s working out? What needs changing? Do you spend time on the right things? Is anything pulling you away from achieving your goals?

We’re really looking forward to exploring the world a little. We’re not seeking happiness, we’re not chasing an idealistic dream. One of our goals is to find out more about the world and ourselves in doing so. To discover what’s really important to us when our life isn’t cluttered with do to lists and possessions. We have no idea where we’ll be in 10 years time…or even five! We’re focusing on what we want short term…what we want now. Follow us on Facebook if you’d like to know how things are going for us!

Don’t be just another person living how they think they’re supposed to live…be a little different…be who you want to be…and do it well!

Tim Minchin explains it humoursly here…


Enjoy your journey



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