35 Awesome Activities To Teach Toddlers Letters | fun, easy alphabet activities

Toddler Activities to Teach Letters

25+ activities to teach toddlers letters of the alphabet 

When it comes to learning, play provides children so many wonderful opportunities to nurture inquisitive minds.


As a preschool teacher I watched so many little ones blossom as they learnt through play.


This collection of playful ideas will help your preschooler to explore the letters of the alphabet at their own pace.


Fun activities to teach letters 

As a home educator to our young boys, we take a child led approach to learning.  My golden rule for teaching toddlers and kids…NEVER FORCE IT.


Set up an activity while they sleep, eat or play and leave them to find it themselves or play it yourself and wait for them to show am interest.  


Here are some of our favourite toddler activities to teach letters and words:


1. Word Excavation | Family Edventures

Become a fossil hunter and carefully search for the hidden words beneath the sand (or similar). Free printable.


2. Letter Excavation

A slightly simplified version of the game above. Free printable.


3. Fishing Letters 

Use a magnet to fish out the letters.

Magnetic letters toddler activity




4. Simple toddler treasure hunt


5. Posting LettErs Role Play 

Make a simple post box (hole in a box). Let your child make letters, post and deliver to neighbours, friends or teddy bears. 

Toddlee activities postman roleplay

6. Letters in the bath


7. I Spy Letter Hunt | Gift of Curiosity
8.  Train To Lettertown | Family Edventures
 Teach toddler letters train game
9. Bear Counters Name Recognition | Munchkins and Moms
10  Connect The Letters | Family Edventures
11.  DIY Learning Alphabet Sensory Bottle | The Jenny Revolution


12. Recycled Alphabet | No Time For Flashcards


13. Alphabet busy book printable 


14. Alphabet Discovery Bottle | Sugar Aunts
15. Sensory ABC Activity | Powerful Mothering
16. Erase The ABC’s| Busy Toddler
17. Alphabet Sensory Bin | Stay at Home Educator
18. Letter Sounds Ice Activity | Little Bins For Little Hands
19. Trucks and Alphabet Rocks | Fun Learning For Kids
20. Magnetic Alphabet Sensory Bin | Busy Toddler
21. Magnetic Letter Matching – Simple Fun for Kids
22. Letter Hunt Alphabet Sensory Bag | My Mundane and Miraculous Life
23. Alphabet Cave  |Cutting Tiny Bites
24. Alphabet Sift  | Busy Toddler
25. Letter Roads. | Gift of Curiosity
26. Name Practice Activity Using Toy Cars – Buggy and Buddy
27. Alphabet Construction Zone   | Play Teach Repeat
28. Alphabet Pancakes | Education.com
29. Hidden Letters – Busy Toddler
30. Connect The Dots Letters | Hands On As We Grow
31. Geoboard Alphabet Matching | Munchkins and Moms
32. Snowball Alphabet | Fun Learning For Kids
33. Dump Truck Rocks Truck Rocks | Fun Learning For Kids
34. Word Webs (free printable) | Family Edventures

Toddler Activities letters

Download: blank version/ letter match/ simple words.

35. Alphabet Rescue | Fun Learning For Kids

Let me know what your favourite activities to teach toddlers to read are…

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