50+ Advantages of Homeschooling | from a teacher turned home educator!

50+ Advantages of Homeschooling | from a teacher turned home educator!

Advantages of Homeschooling

There are so many advantages to homeschooling.


I’ve seen both sides.


Having worked in Education for ten years before having our first child I knew that I wanted to home educate.


I’m not going to claim that homeschooling is perfect because it doesn’t need to be.


But, it works for us and here’s why:


1. Time together

The idea of spending more time together could be perceived by some as a negative but many families say that they find a natural rhythm that just works.


2. Sibling relationships

Siblings have time to build relationships and work through challenges.



3. One-to-one time 

More time means more opportunities for one-to-one time. 


4. Calmer household

I say this with a pinch of salt because I’m not sure our house would appear calm to a fly on the wall.

However, not having to get everyone out of the door in time for school is a huge advantage.


5. Rest days

School absences are frowned upon. But the truth is that kids get sick.


They also get run-down, tired and fed-up.


When that happens and you home educate you can have a chill day.


6. Learn together

You don’t need to be a teacher to home educate (I’d go as far as saying that it doesn’t even help!)

Learning about the topics you love together is an amazing way to build confidence, motivate and learn important skills.


Advantages of homeschooling


7. Share moments together

Spending all this time together means that you also get to create a lot of memories and share special moments together.


8. Avoid negative situations

Home educating isn’t about wrapping kids in cotton wool. It’s about giving them the support and skills they need to navigate challenges. Children shouldn’t shouldn’t expected to endure bullying , belittling or veing yelled at. Why do we expect kids too?


9. Kids learn respect not fear

Children learn to be respectful by being respected.

Conforming because of fear or threat isn’t the same as having respect for someone.


10. They are safe.

Anxiety in children and young people is rising and it’s not surprising. Kids who are anxious do not learn effectively.


11. Learn organically

Learning doesn’t have to be formal or completed sitting-at-a-table stuff. Children want to learn and home education offers the flexibility and environment to make that learning relevant.

toddler activities letters
Autumn sunshine at the beach…learning to write.

12. Discover passions and interests.

Imagine being given the time to really figure out what you enjoy in life. Imagine being able to follow your interests.


13. Finding a balance

You can find a balance when you homeschool. If kids have a busy weekend at clubs and training then they can take it easy the day after to recover.


14. Less washing

No school uniform to keep clean and ironed!


15. No school run

No rushing out of the house late because you couldn’t find the reading book! 


16. No forgotten gym kits and lunch boxes

No returning 30 minutes later to fetch forgotten items.


17. Enthusiasm for learning

Forced learning can produce disengaged learners. A more autonomous approach will encourage and maintain an enthusiasm for learning.


18. No tests

Children don’t need to take unnecessary tests or be monitored and assessed. 


19. Learn at their own pace

It’s amazing to watch a child acquire new skills organically. Seeing that “ah ha” moment when they figure something out for themselves.

A school curriculum doesn’t take individuals into account. It assumes that all children need to acquire all skills at the same time.

Research shows that later readers read aswel as earlier readers AND maintain greater enthusiasm .


20. Model behaviours

Homeschooling allows parents the chance to model behaviours like practising gratitude and caring for our planet.  Instilling positive values at a young age.


I’ve put together some free gratitude activities for kids that you can view here.


21. No homework

With increasing levels of mental health issues we need to place more importance on self care, exercise and getting fresh air…not doing home work!


22. No parents evenings

Yep that’s right!


23. No PTA meetings

As a home educating parent you don’t have to get involved in meetings and events (unless you enioy that kind of thing.)


24. More sleep

Find a rhythm that works for your family. Get up early in the summer and hibernate during the winter months.


25. No school uniform

Save money on expensive uniforms and let your kids wear what they like and find comfortable.


26. Less room for comparison

Let kids be kids and develop at their own speed free from unhealthy comparisons.


27. Holidays

Travel outside of school holidays is much cheaper.


28. Opportunities to develop a growth mindset

Mistakes aren’t bad…they happen when we’re learning. Kids who are made to feel bad about getting things wrong are more likely to switch off because it’s easier to give-up than it is to fail.

Feel free to download my free growth mindset activity booklet for kids  here.


29. Enjoy sunny weather

You know how it’s always glorious weather for weeks and then on the first day of the school holidays the rain clouds appear! A big advantage of home schooling is that you can choose what you do on any particular day.


30. Rainy days

Rainy days can be awesome too  – spend splashing in puddles, playing lego and snuggling on the sofa.


31. Snow days

When you see the first snow flake fall you can start polishing the sledge rather than  checking school closure updates!


32. Encourage kids to be intrinsically motivated

Rewards for attendance, certificates for being kind, stickers for completing a task may motivate children in the short term.

However, long term they are more likely to have the opposite effect.

At home we’re able to use words of encouragement  that are more specific than “good boy”.


33. Listen to your gut

If homeschooling seems like a logical step in your parenting journey or if you feel like your ignoring your instincts everytime you send your anxious child to school then home education might offer a huge relief.


34. More time outdoors

Time outdoors isn’t limited to weekends and Summer evenings.


Advantages of homeschooling


35. Social learning

Learning from people of all different ages can be a huge advantage of home education. Learning to garden with Granny, reading with a friend or cooking with a neighbour.


36. Role models

Another advantage of homeschooling is that you’re in real life rather than a classroom so children have more opportunities to mix with many different people. 


37. Freedom to learn

Children want to learn. However, they may not want to learn what or how we think they should be learning.

“Unfortunately there isn’t a short cut from believing learning looks like school to knowing that learning from playing, exploring and living is better. It needs experienced.” Joyce Fetteroll.


38. Free to travel and explore 

Freedom to travel is another of the big reasons to home school. Whether you want to travel far away or explore close to home.


39. Discounts at attractions.

Lots of attractions will offer discount memberships to home educators. National Trust, CADW, Legoland are just a few.


40. Set kids up as lifelong learners

Home educated children who lead their own learning know how to learn.


41. Respond to needs

With such flexibility you can adapt your days to suit. If your child likes to pace while reading a book or wants to delve into one historical period for 6 months, you can embrace it.


42. Time to learn general skills.

With children at home more it’s much easier for them to be a part of day-to-day household stuff. From preparing meals to planting in the garden.


43. Adult to child ratio

Schools talk of ‘child led learning’ but the reality is that a class of 28 children are never going to be able to lead. You can truly investigate the topics that your children are enthused by.


44.  Socialising

Kids need lots of time with kids…without adults getting too involved. Home schooling offers the time for children to play freely together for extended periods of time.


45. No forced friendships

Home schooled kids can pick their friends. They don’t have to sit next to someone or play with the same group every single playtime.


46. No them and us

Homeschool children can have a different relationship with the adults in their lives. One based on mutual respect. One without punishments and threats.


47. Learn to listen to their own emotions…recognise and respond

Lunchtime noise, crowded queuing, busy playtimes and extended periods of time sat down are all considered a pretty normal part of school life. A child who is being teased every playtime has few options. A child who wants some quiet time won’t find it easily.


48. Understand their own character

Our society expects all children to be extroverts. However, not wanting to be surrounded by people all day everyday is pretty normal. One of the advantages of home schooling is that you can choose.


49. Peer pressure

“Don’t you want your child to fit in?” As teenagers we spend our life trying to fit in with everyone else only to be set free in our 20’s as we embark on a journey of self discovery. Imagine we never forgot who we were.


50. It’s fun

Honestly in can be hard but also so much fun!


51. Listen to your body

You can eat when you’re hungry and go to the toilet when you need to!


52. Choice 

The fact that you don’t have to follow a rigid curriculum and can figure out what works best for you.



We’ve found so many advantages of homeschooling, I’ve tried to list as many as possible here.


Have you found any other advantages of homeschooling?


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