Alphabet Jar Busy Book | matching letter sounds

Alphabet Jar Busy Book | matching letter sounds

This busy book activity is a fun way to keep little ones amused while helping them to recognize letter sounds.



It’s free to print so all you need to do is cut out the pieces and laminate them.


As young children begin to recognize letters you can help to reinforce this with some fun letter activities.

Magnetic letters toddler activity


Starting with the letters in their name can be helpful and they’ll often remember some letters more easily than others e.g. ‘S’ looks and sounds like a snake.


This busy book letter jar will help to reinforce sound-letter associations e.g. understanding that the word ‘cat starts with a ‘C’.


I have more free Busy Books so take a look and use them again and again.


I also share all my home education resources on here for free so take a look.


Click here to download the Alphabet Letter Jar Busy Book.

letter jar busy book page

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