Baby Wearing Coats & Jackets…waterproof and warm

Baby Wearing Coats & Jackets…waterproof and warm

Are you looking for the best baby wearing coats and jackets?


Summer ended abruptly and we went from shorts and a vest top to needing three layers and fluffy socks overnight.


So, it feels like a good time to share how we keep warm and dry while babywearing.


As a new mum, I spent a few weeks wearing my husband’s XL coat while baby wearing before finally giving in and buying one of the purpose made baby wearing jackets.


Thankfully we live in the middle of nowhere so more cows than people actually had to witness it 🤣



Purchasing an actual babywearing jacket made such a difference and is well worth it if you carry regularly.


My neck and chest were no longer freezing and baby wasn’t cramped. We were both snug in our cosy cocoon.


There are a number of jackets, fleeces, covers and inserts available to buy.


They can be pretty expensive but if you’ll be carrying for a few winters then it’s worth it.


We also have some clever hacks and bargains to share with you. It’s also worth looking second hand first as I found lots on Ebay and Facebook marketplace.


How do baby wearing coats and jackets work?


Baby wearing coats are all designed differently so it’s important to make sure that you buy the right one to suit your carrying style or styles.


Some work from maternity through to carrying infants, some allow you to carry children on your front and/or back while others will also allow for side carrying.


Some have a little hole for babies head to poke out and others have a simple zip panel that you undo slightly to allow baby enough space.



Maybe my boys just have big heads but I could not work out how to poke little ones head out through a smallish size hole 🤪


So, let’s take a look at some examples of baby wearing coats and jackets…


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Baby Wearing Fleece Jackets


Suse’s Babywearing Fleece Jacket Best Baby wearing jacket

front carrying | back carrying | side carrying | twin carrying  

This baby wearing fleece jacket is versatile in that it’s designed to work with hip carriers as well as front and back carrying. It also comes with a spare insert panel incase you carry twins!


It should keep both parent and baby nice and warm as it’s made of 100% soft polyester fleece.



It’s advisable to choose a size or two smaller than your usual dress size as these jackets run more like men’s sizing. Although if you have long arms you may need the bigger size.


Personally during winter I’m usually grateful for a slightly looser fit as I can layer underneath.


To make room for baby just unzip the panel zips a little to allow for their head to pop out.

Check prices and full reviews here.


Smallshow Baby Wearing Fleece Jacket 


front carrying

This polar fleece jacket has several popular reviews. Can be worn over front carriers and slings.

The panel can be removed so that the jacket can be worn without baby.

Check prices and full reviews here

Baby Wearing Waterproof Coats

If you live anywhere where it rains a lot then a babywearing rain jacket might be useful. I’ve shared two examples below…

Suse’s Kinder Deluxe Babywearing Coat

front carrying | back carrying | side carrying | twin carrying  

This is apparently the first and only babywearing jacket on the market that will truly accommodate all carrying positions possible, even nursing. I’ve not checked that claim but it’s a nice coat!


It’s actually two coats…the water resistant breathable shell and the cuddly fleece insert. It has a little pocket between shell and zipper in shell, handy for car keys and money.


It’s designed to be used by men and women so check the sizing carefully before ordering. Women need to order a size or 2 smaller than they usually would.


It comes with a load of extras like patent and baby rain and winter hoods. There’s a handy bag to store it all in too.


This cost looks lovely and long which is great for babywearing as it totally covers babies legs and feet.

Check prices and full reviews here. 

Waterproof Roocoat Baby Wearing Coat.

Baby wearing waterproof coat

front carrying | back carrying | side carrying | waterproof

The RooCoat is designed to be worn like a normal coat when you front carry your child. When you back carry you just turn it around like a smock.


Let’s be honest, however much we love to babywear it can be a little awkward to do things like zipping up a coat! Unless your a yoga pro! This waterproof coat has a long pull cord that will help you to do up the zipper whether your front or back carrying.


If you’re worried that wearing a hooded coat back-to-front will look wierd and uncomfortable then they have thst covered! The hood is removable and they’ve included a neck zipper to give your neck some extra room if needed. There are also pockets on both sides! Handy for carrying odd socks, hotwheels, rocks and snotty tissues (surely I can’t be the only one!?)


Check prices and full reviews here

Fun2BeMum Waterproof Coat

Baby Wearing waterproof coat

front carrying | back carrying| waterproof | twin carrying  

This waterproof babywearing coat is made in the EU for babies and larger toddlers.


It boasts three removable inserts too so can be used for twins and as a maternity coat


The outer layer is made of 100% softshell and it’s lined with thin polar fleece.

Zip in panel for babywearing.

If you already own a coat that you love then check out these zip in panels.


You just add them to your existing coat to make room for your baby bump or baby carrier. Take a look at some here.

Best Babywearing Rain Poncho

If you need something waterproof that’s  quick and easy to throw over you and baby when it rains then a babywearing rain poncho might be what you need.

The Suse’s Kinder Rain Poncho is great for taking out with you to throw over your babywearing fleece jacket.


It works for both front and back carrying. It can even work for twins.


There are foldout hoods on both the front and the back to keep babies head dry.


Remember to take a look at our full baby wearing post.


Let me know which baby wearing coats and jackets you’d recommend this winter.

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