Babywearing Coat Extension – add a panel to your existing coat!

Babywearing Coat Extension – add a panel to your existing coat!

Babywearing Jacket Insert


Using a babywearing coat extension is one of a few ways (click here to see more snuggly ideas!) that you can keep both yourself and your baby warm while babywearing this winter.


Buying an entire new wardrobe that allows you to babywear and/or breastfeed can become seriously expensive.


Especially during winter when you’ll need sweatshirts, fleece jackets and waterproof coats that cover the both of you.


Babywearing coat extension panels are great if you:


  • already own a coat that you love.
  • don’t want to spend money on a new coat.
  • have a partner who will also carry your baby (you can share the panel if compatible).
  • have more than one coat that you’d like to babywear with.


The babywearing coat extension panel literally zips onto your existing coat.


Most panels have zip adapters to choose from depending on the type of zip your coat has. They also often come in different lengths to suit the length of your coat.


Each manufacturer will explain how to choose the correct panel for your coat.


Click on the examples below to find out more…



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Zip Us In Panel 

Babywearing coat extension

  • This panel zips straight into your coat or jacket so that baby is kept warm and dry too. It works on pregnancy bumps too.
  • Select the right zip by following the instructions or buy the universal panel.

Check prices here.


Extendher Maternity

This babywearing coat extension panel is fleece lined and also includes a detachable hood.


Cleverly it attaches to your coat zip with gel padded clips (not a zipper) which means it fits every-time.


Check prices here.



If you’re still debating the best way to keep yourself and baby warm this winter then take a look at our full Guide to Baby Wearing In Winter


We hope you’ve found this post on babywearing coat extension panel useful.

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