Babywearing Winter Cover

Babywearing Winter Cover

Baby Carrier Covers

A babywearing winter cover is really useful to carry in your diaper bag or backpack. They’re especially handy when it’s still warmish but potentially rainy.

A baby carrier cover takes up barely any space but it will keep baby dry if it rains which will stop little one getting too cold.

I’ve put together a comparison guide of some of the best babywearing winter covers we could find…

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Covers Ergobaby Fleece Lined Bebamour Universal Little Goat 3 Season

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover

Malishastik   Winter Bundlebean Cuddleroo
Rain Resistance                        
Wind Resistance                
Detachable lining         
Machine washable              
Outer material 100% polyester 100% nylon 100% polyester microfibre 100% nylon 100% polyester 100% polyester 100% polyester
Lining fleece 100% polyester 100% polyester minky 100% poly fleece micro polar fleece fleece
Dimensions 33.9” x 19.7” 33.9” x 19.7” 31″ x 32″ 32″ x 40″ 20″ x 16″
Front pocket            
Storage pouch      

Below is some more detailed information taken from the manufacturer or website to help you to choose the right baby babywearing carrier cover. To the best of our knowledge it is correct.

Ergobaby Fleece Lined

The Ergobaby fleece babywearing winter cover keeps baby nice and cosy.

It’s has a water-resistant, nylon outer fabric  and is lined with a warm fleece.

It has snap fasteners to attach the cover to your Ergobaby carrier’s shoulder straps. It also has drawstring adjustments on the hood and leg pouch ensure baby stats warm.

Bebamour Universal All Season Carrier Cover

The Bebamour All Season Carrier Cover can be used with all Bebamour carriers aswell as others. It has a protective, detachable hood that allows your child to be carried forwards or facing you while in the baby carrier.

It can also be used in a pushchair to keep baby warm and dry.

Little Goat 3 Season

This three-season baby carrier cover will keep your baby warm and dry when you’re on the go.

It’s easy yo use as you just snap it onto your baby carrier, stroller, car seat, or bike seat.

On wet but warm days you can detach the fleece liner and just use the waterproof outer.

On cooler days the minky liner will keep baby snug. he minky lining for an added layer of warmth when it’s cold.

The attachment straps will fit all soft-structured baby carriers like Ergobaby®, Beco®, Tula®, etc.

The cover works when carrying on the  front, back and side.

It is nice and wide so allows baby’s feet to kick and baby’s hands to stay tucked inside.

The hood rolls up when not in use which keeps it out-of-the-way.

There’s a pocket to keep the adults hands warm.

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover is a water repellent, fleece lined shell that keeps your baby warm and cozy when outdoors in front carriers.

Theres a concealed that folds out to keep your baby warm and dry.

It also has front pockets to keep your hands warm while giving you access to your baby.

It can also be used in a pushchair or car seat.

Malishastik Winter Babywearing Carrier Cover

This carrier works with any type of carrier where baby is on wearers front,  back or hip.

The outer cover is rain and wind resistant and it’s lined with a cosy micro polar fleece.

It has a detachable hood, and hand  pocket.

Bundlebean Cuddleroo

This universal waterproof babywearing carrier cover fits any sling or baby carrier and offers all-weather protection.

It can be used on forward and back carriers for both parent and world facing as well as on pushchair and car seats.

It has simple to use Velcro straps and a handy bag to store it away tidily.

Cuddleroo Cute Cover 

The CuddleRoo covers sops over your existing baby carrier to provide an extra fun layer of cuteness.

It comes in several different designs from dragons to cows!

This cover will work with most soft-structured baby carriers like the Ergobaby, Bauer and Tula. Unfortunately it won’t work with sling or wrap the carriers. It’s also not designed for world-facing carriers.

They are made from faux fur and minky fabrics so they are lovely and soft for your baby.

You may also like to take a look  at our babywearing winter hacks if you’d like some free or cheap ideas to keep parents and baby warm.

We hope we’ve helped you to choose a babywearing winter cover for you and your little one.


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