10 Best Boardgames For Toddlers |

10 Best Boardgames For Toddlers |

If you’re looking for the best boardgames for toddlers then read on…


Toddlers aren’t best known for their ability to sit still and listen so, Monolpoly isn’t likely to make your games night list if you have a little one.


It takes a special kind or boardgame to capture the interest of a toddler.


With two children under the age of 5, we’ve tried a lot of boardgames!


To make our top 10 best boardgames for toddlers the games had to be:

  1. Colourful
  2. Easy to play
  3. Lots of fun

Most of these toddler boardgames are co-operative games meaning that there is no winner or looser.

These games are perfect for toddlers as they can have fun while sharing in decision making, building their self esteem and solving problems together.

Top 10 Best Boardgames For Toddlers


1. Acorn Soup

Fun boardgames for toddlers list


Wooden games with big pieces are perfect for toddlers little hands.

In this cute game you and your toddler have to help Squirrel store his food for the winter.

You’ll make yummy soups together by following his recipe cards.

It’s a great game for teaching counting to ten, sorting, developing fine motor skills and building vocabulary.


2. Monkey Around

Fun boardgames for toddlers list

This lovely little game comes with a board shaped like a tree, a beanbag shaped like a banana, and some a sturdy cards.

Players take turns to turn over a card and perform the task that’s either completed solo or with a partner.

Tasks with partners include  things like making a bridge for your partner to crawl under.

Solo tasks are things like balancing the banana on your foot or head and hopping backwards.

It’s a great game to play as a family as there are no winners or losers because you work together to complete 5 tasks.


3. Super Frog Game

Fun boardgames for toddlers list


Whack A Frog is a fast-paced game that the whole family can enjoy. 

It does wonders for concentration and hand-eye co-ordination as your toddler has to try to whack the flashing frogs.


4. Think Fun Roll

Fun boardgames for toddlers list

To play this game, players roll the big plush cube and then select a card of the same with the matching colour.

Each of the 48 cards has a different action on it like ‘roar like a lion’.

This game is played for pure pleasure so there’s no wrong way to perform each action!


5. Vatos Magnets Game 

Fun boardgames for toddlers list

Your little ones can explore how magnets work while playing this colourful game.

6. Move and Groove Thinkfun

Fun boardgames for toddlers list

This soft dice is designed to inspire movement, creativity, laughter and learning.

Throw the cube, find the matching card colour and perform.


7. Pop Up Pirate

best boardgames for toddlers list

The simple game is one of our family favourites.

Push the pirate into the barrel and hold your breathe as each player sticks a sword in.

One sword will release spring and send the pirate flying….but which one!?


8. Icecream Stacking

best boardgames for toddlers list

The perfect game for ice cream loving toddlers.

Use the scoop to pick up some icecream and see who can build the tallest cone.


9. Baby Shark

best boardgames for toddlers list

If your little one loves “that song!” then they’ll probably enjoy this game.

This Baby Shark Fishing Game includes Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, and, yes, Baby Shark!

Catch them with your fishing rod as the board spins.


10. Feed The Woozle

best boardgames for toddlers list

Toenail toast anyone?!

Toddlers will enjoy feeding Woozle some silly snacks!

Another non-competitive game where everyone has fun together!


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Please note that some of these games state that they are for ages 3+. Please read descriptions and reviews thoroughly before purchasing. 


Do you think any other games should make the best boardgames for toddlers list?

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