Best Dry Bag Backpack – Overboard Bag…it’s affordable, looks good and is waterproof!

Best Dry Bag Backpack – Overboard Bag…it’s affordable, looks good and is waterproof!

Best Waterproof Bag

What’s the best dry bag backpack for SUP, kayaking, days out at the beach, lake or just really really wet weather!?

When we were searching for the best dry bag backpack last year we were amazed by how expensive some of them were.

We wanted something that was affordable that also worked…we think we found the answer…

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Overboard Dry bag Backpack Review

Best Dry Bag backpack

We’ve been using our Overboard  backpack everyday for nearly a year now.

We love spending time outdoors, especially if there’s water involved so getting a bag that kept our stuff dry was really important.

Is the Overboard Dry bag Waterproof?

We’ll start with the most important question because what use is a wet dry bag, right!?

The best dry back backpacks will of course need to be waterproof.

We’ve submerged our dry bag several times and it has always stayed dry!

It’s worth filling it at least half full to get a decent seal. I’ve heard that some people also stuff a towel on top to create a better seal and also soak up any drips that might get through.  We’ve not deliberately tried this but our bag is always pretty full.

The clips can either be secured along the top or down the sides. The latter seems to work best.

We will add a video soon showing this bag in action in the water as I didn’t have my camera last time it went across the lake.

It’s still worth double bagging really important items like electronic car keys and mobiles using these…

Is the Overboard Dry bag Comfortable?

The shoulder straps on the Overboard Dry Bag are really comfortable. They have a thick padding and are fully adjustable.

The waist and sternum straps will secure the backpack closer to your body making it easier to carry long distances.

The back panel is also padded so it is barely noticeable even after a day with it on your back.

Is the Overboard Dry bag Practical?

There is one small pocket inside the Overboard Backpack. It’s just about big enough for a phone and set of keys.

We actually use our packing cubes to organise the inside of our backpack.  It means that we can easily find a change of clothes, towel or snacks when we need them.

There is an elastic strap at the front that’s great for quickly stashing a coat or clipping a buoyancy aid. There’s also a net pouch that fits a drinks bottle.

Rather handily for travellers, both the 20 litre and 30 litre are airline carry-on compatible.

We definitely think that the Overboard Backpack is worth purchasing and is the best dry bag backpack that we’ve used.

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