Best Essential Oils for Eczema – from someone who was born with it!

Best Essential Oils for Eczema – from someone who was born with it!

Essential oils for eczema treatment

In this post, I want to share with you what I think are the best essential oils for eczema treatment.

I’ve discovered them over the years and have used them in a variety of ways.

I was born with atopic eczema and understand only too well that suffering from this skin condition is not only painful but can also really affect a person’s self-esteem.

The dictionary tells us that eczema is…

...a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding.

It doesn’t sound pleasant and it’s not!

Treating Eczema Naturally

Although there is no cure for eczema there are several things that suffers can try to relieve symptoms and reduce flare-ups.

As a long-term sufferer of eczema I have learnt many different ways of keeping my skin healthy and my eczema under control.

Diet and managing stress have helped as has making my own creams and using essential oils.

Eczema cream essential oils
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Nobody quite knows what causes excema although it’s thought that a combination of factors may cause someone to develop it. According to WebMD these factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Abnormal function of the immune system
  • Environment
  • Activities that may cause skin to be more sensitive
  • Defects in the skin barrier that allow moisture out and germs in.

Since childhood I’ve been prescribed a strong steroid cream along with various other body lotions and ointments.

Then, in early adulthood I began to explore other options that didn’t involve a daily ritual of coating my body in chemicals.

Natural Oils for Eczema

Which natural carrier oils are good for excema?

Natural oils were used in skin care routines centuries before modern medicine concocted a myriad of potions for excema treatment.

Before, sharing my list of the best essential oils for excema treatment, I’d like to share a little about the natural oils that can be used alone or as a carrier oil (something you add  a few drops of essential oil into).

The fatty acids in some natural oils can help to repair the defective skin barrier.

However, not all natural oils are good for skin, especially if you have sensitive, eczema prone skin.

Treatments for eczema seem to be a pretty individual thing. There are a couple of studies that show that certain natural treatments help improve excema symptoms in certain people.

Care should be taken when trying anything new on your skin and it would be advisable to seek expert advice beforehand.

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Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil contains monolaurin, a fatty acid that’s also found in breast milk.

It’s a natural skin moisturizer and a clinical trial in 2014 and a 2018 study both indicated that coconut oil may be good for eczema prone skin.

Virgin Sunflower Seed Oil

This clever oil can stimulate our bodies production of ceramides which help to protect our skin barrier.

Sunflower Seed oil is also has anti-inflammatory properties so cam help to soothe red, inflamed and itchy skin.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamins B, E and Zinc and is a great oil to try on dry add damaged skin.

What are the best essential oils for eczema?

Once you’ve chosen the carrier oil you want to try then it’s worth using that on its own for a while before adding any essential oils.

It will give you a chance to assess how it makes your skin feel before you add any other components.

Care must be taken when using essential oils. Never assume that something is completely safe to use simply because it is natural. It is advisable to check with your dermatologist first that specific oils are safe for you to try.

Then you can try some of these essential oils. I think they are the best essential oils for treating eczema.

Lavender Essential Oil For Eczema

Method: Add a few drops to a carrier oil or to your bath water (never add it directly to your bath water or mixed with a water soluble substance. Read this to find out how to add oils to your bath safely)

Properties: The use of lavender has been documented for over 2500 years. The name actually derives from the Latin been lavare, meaning “to wash”. The Egyptians used it as perfume, the Ancient Greeks used it to treat burns and the Romans for bathing.

Lavender Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are thought to soothe and heal damaged red skin.

This oil has antibacterial properties which can help to prevent skin irritation.


Tea tree Essential Oil For Eczema

Best essential oils for eczema

Method: Add a few drops to your carrier oil and use as a body lotion (avoid eyes).

Tea tree is also great for treating dandruff so you could try a tea tree shampoo bar like the one below.

Properties: The International Journal of Dermatology states that tea tree essential oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is also known for its ability to help wounds to heal. It is for these reasons that it is believed to be one of the best oils to use to treat eczema.

When your choosing your oil choose one that is 100% tea tree.

like this one.

Calendula Essential Oil For Eczema

Method: Add a few drops to your carrier oil and massage into affected area.

Properties: Calendula comes from the marigold daisy family and it is great for treating eczema due to its has skin calming and healing properties.

It’s known for using on sore, chapped skin, bruises, cuts, nappy rash and bites because it stimulates our natural production of collagen which helps the healing process.

A few other things to try…

While I’m on the topic of eczema, I thought I’d include a few other natural items that I’ve added to bath water to soothe and repair my skin.

Just make sure your bath is the right temperature as water that is too hot can really irritate eczema prone skin.

Dead Sea Salt Bath

Most sea salts are made up mainly Sodium Chloride but Dead Sea Salt also contains many beneficial minerals. These include Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide and Sulfur.

To use you just dissolve the directed amount in your bath water, have a soak and rinse your body off with clean water.

Oatmeal Bath

Oats are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and are rich in vitamin E.

Make your own oatmeal bath by quickly grinding up some oats with a blender or pestle and mortar. Pop a handful in a stocking or similar. Tie up the top and pop it into your bathtub. It should turn the water milky.

Just remember to empty the oats before washing the stocking…unlike me…oops!

I really hope that you find something that works for you here. Please let me know if you think that anything is missing from this list of best essential oils for eczema.

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Best Essential oils for eczema

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