Bullet Journal Key | including free printable bujo key pages

Bullet Journal Key | including free printable bujo key pages

What is a bullet journal key?

A bullet journal key is an important page in any bullet journal.


Ryder Carroll, who created the bullet journal, uses symbols throughout his journal.


His bullet journal key is used to note further information about tasks, events etc. in a quick and effective way.


Having a bullet journal key page isn’t essential but if you’re new to Journaling or what to create your own more detailed key then it’s a good idea to make a note of what everything means.


Just imagine looking back at your journal in a few years…would you remember what it all meant?


Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal key


Ryder Carroll’s bujo key is much like his bullet journaling method: pretty straight forward.


Carroll uses the following symbols:


• = represents a task you have to do.

○ = an event.

– = notes


As an add-on to the above Carroll would include further details with:

* =  adding a asterisk means it is important.


To record whether the task has been completed or not, Carroll turns the bullet point • into an :

X = completed

< = migrated to tomorrow’s task list.

= migrate task to future log and complete at another time.

Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal key is really helpful. I use his method daily as I love to keep it simple.

Bullet journal key
You can download this Carroll inspired bullet journal key below (there’s a blank version too if you prefer.)


That said, I have seen some pretty great bullet journal key ideas that could work really well.



What bujo key should I use?


The awesome thing about bullet journaling is that bullet journals are adaptable and are something that you can add to overtime as your system develops.


Don’t worry if you don’t develop the perfect bullet journal key for you right away.


Your bujo key can consist of symbols or colors and should fit your lifestyle.



So, if you blog then you may place a pencil symbol when you want to publish a post.


If you workout, a small sneaker could remind you that it was a cardio day. A flower could represent a rest day.


If you prefer to keep it simple then you could simply place an ‘R’ on rest days and a ‘C’ on cardio days.


If you’re trying to pull together several peoples lives (like many parents need to) then picking a different color for each member of the family can help to co-ordinate schedules.


Do whatever work for you.


How to create a bullet journal key?


  • Note down the things that you want to be able to recognize quickly in your daily and weekly logs.


  • Things that you do regularly (swimming, gym, homework);


  • Regular outings (library, eating-out);


  • Choose a symbol or color for each of the above.


  • Note down the names of the people who’s activities feature in your bujo. Assign each a color so they can be easily identified.


Where does the bullet journal key page go?



There’s no specific place for a bujo key but make sure that it’s somewhere you can locate it easily.


I keep mine at the front.


Bullet journal key ideas


Let’s take a look at some great bullet journal key ideas.



I love how this key is so simple while also including some really useful info!



Another clean, simple and informative design.



Getting slightly more detailed now with symbols for fitness, birthdays, travel and more. This would work well for a busy person with a lot of different tasks to manage.



A great example of how color highlights can differentiate between family members.


So simple yet such a clear and concise bullet journal key.



For younger bullet journalers this type of bujo key might work well.


Download our free bullet journal key printables



Free Bullet journal printables
Click to download free bullet journal pages from our bullet journal downloads page


So choose your symbols, colors and get creative.


You may like some of our other free bullet journal printables too! I’ve shared everything I’ve made from bullet journal calendars to full printable bujo jornals.



However you choose to setup your bullet journal key remember that you can adapt it as required so that it works for you.

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