Bullet Journal Monthly Log Ideas | Inspiration and Free Printables

Bullet Journal Monthly Log Ideas | Inspiration and Free Printables

Find the perfect free bullet journal monthly log to suit your needs.


What Is A Bullet Journal Monthly Log?

The monthly log is a space that provides an overview for each month.


It helps you to organize events and note tasks for completion each month.


You can use the page to note important events, track habits and record goals.


As is often the case with bullet journaling, you’ll find numerous variations of monthly logs.


So, I have compiled this collection to inspire you! I’ve also included some lovely free printables that I’ve put together!


Let’s take a look at some monthly log layouts:


1. The Basic Monthly Log

Ryder’s bullet journal isn’t about beautiful illustrations or pretty fonts.


His concept is simple and practical.


A basic monthly log would include a list of dates on one side (for recording events) and a to do list on the other.


Those little crosses on the right hand side of the left page are a really simple way of tracking habits. Pop a cross alongside each day that you complete your chosen habits e.g. meditation, yoga, running etc.





2. Boxes Monthly Log

Bullet journal monthly log

This simple 2 page monthly log is one of my printables. You can download it for free on my bullet journal printables page.


We also have a specific kids bullet journal to download for free that promotes gratitude, reflection and a growth mindset.


On the first page you can add the dates and any reminders into each box.


The little box at the bottom could be used to record social media stats or menu ideas.

On the second page there’s space for a to-do list, specific events like birthdays and weddings and a notes section.

Bullet journal monthly log

3. Art Deco Monthly Log


This bullet journal monthly log is beautiful yet simple. Calender and a goals section.


4. Mountains Monthly Log

Oh…just look at the possibilities…

If only I could paint!



5. Halloween Monthly Log

Add a seasonal element to your monthly log. This October monthly spread is cute and easy to use.



6. Poppies Monthly Log

I love the elegance of this black and white page. On this one the tasks are simply logged under each date.



7. Blue Monthly Log

Another of my own free pdf bullet journal printables. The first page is a simple calender.

Bullet journal monthly log

The second has space for noting goals, tasks, special dates and additional notes.

Bullet journal monthly log


8. Floral Monthly Log

Stunningly illustrated with a big calender spread and notes section.



9. Detailed Monthly Log

This bullet journal monthly log page looks surprisingly clean despite being crammed with loadsof useful info to get your month in order!


It’s a good idea to include a liitle “next month ” section as you’ll be able to jot reminders down before your next monthly log page has been created.


I also love how this has space to record “weekly tasks” alongside each calender week. Perfect if you have regular tasks to remember like changing bed sheets.




10. Habit Tracker Monthly Log

Tracking habits seems to be the focus of this monthly log page spread although there is a space for noting events on the left-hand side.


Great if you’re someone who wants to track several things.


11. Stars Monthly Log

Loving the colours on this one!

Plenty of room to record meetings and events and always good to include an inspirational quote!


12. Moon Monthly Log

Similar to the monthly log spread above but includes a monthly goals section.


13. Butterfly Monthly Log



I hope you’ve found plenty of bullet journaling inspiration on this post.


You can also download these Free Heart Monthly Goals Printables.

Bullet journal monthly goals
Click to print blank versions.

The best way of finding a bullet journal monthly log that works for you is to try one out. Add to it and change it up throughout the year. Happy Journaling!

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