Don’t be a dick this Christmas!

Don’t be a dick this Christmas!

I met an elderly lady on the bus the other day. Her name was Audrey and she was really upset.

I wasn’t going to write about her but she’s been on my mind so I thought it might help.

She told me that her son had banned her from celebrating Christmas with them this year.

I could see tears appearing in the corners of her eyes and her lower lip had started to quiver.

I hesitated for a while before asking “But, why are you banned from celebrating Christmas?”

“We had a disagreement…”

Tears were now streaming down her face. “He told me that I could only have two biscuits with my cup of tea. But, I went back to get another without asking him”.

I couldn’t hide my look of shock “Is that it?”

“No there’s more…” She replied looking ashamed.

“He told me to put my crossword puzzle away when I’d finished with it but I switched on the telly and forgot about it.”

She looked devastated now.

How could he be so cruel!?

If you hadn’t guessed already the story above didn’t really happen.

OK, it was probably obvious from the start!

Of course it was…but why was it so obviously untrue!?

It was obvious because most of us accept that it’s not ok to treat adults like that…kids on the other hand…now they’re fair game!

Every year…it becomes acceptable for parents to use Christmas as a way of manipulating their kids to obey.

There’s no way of sugar-coating it guys.

It’s sick.

Absolutely sick!

There are companies actually making a lot of money out of manipulating little kids…The Elf on the Shelf has annual sales of around $10 million!

$10 million from a book that tells kids that they’ll have no gifts if they don’t behave and a little toy that’s sent to spy on them.


Obviously, others are wanting a slice of that $10 million too.

Not sure that these mischievous elves are the best people to be teaching kids to behave!?

If that creepy little elf spy isn’t enough to keep your kids in check then you can now get your hands on a naughty or nice bauble!

This bright bauble takes pride of place on your Christmas tree and let’s your child know, by shining red or green, whether or not they’ve gained Santa’s approval.

This behaviour tracking bauble is controlled by an app on the parents mobile…

Cleverness aside…it’s still a warped idea!

Just imagine that it was a light you could buy your partner to let them know whether or not they were getting lucky later…

Didn’t do the dishes…RED

Bed not made…RED

Grumpy after staying out too late…RED

Did the hoovering…GREEN

Put a mug on the coffee table with no mat…RED

What a horrible way to live!

We adults created a celebration that for many centres around the excitement of gift giving.

Our children never really asked for any of that.

We can naively believe that the whole thing is just some harmless fun. But, for many kids it’s not.

It’s manipulative.  It’s deceitful and most importantly it’s not the way to teach children to be good and kind.

If you’re still confused as to why it’s an evil concept then you can read Hannah’s post here. She explains it perfectly.

Our children’s behaviour is an indicator  of what they need at that point in time. Be it sleep, food, a run around, hug or some chill-out time.

We don’t teach our kids to be ‘good’ and kind by forcing them to share or be ‘nice to their sibling. Bribery may work, but only on the surface.

If we want our children to grow up to be  ‘good”, kind kids then we need to model being good and kind ourselves…and not just once a year!

Research has shown that children who are altruistic have a parent who deliberately shares and demonstrates altruistic values with their children.

That means us being kind…invite a lonely neighbour over for some mulled-wine, donate gifts to the local hospital or help some one to pack their groceries.

On an even more basic level, let’s just be nice. The world needs less bitching.

So, please guys let’s stop giving the Elf on the Shelf or behaviour bauble guys our money at Christmas!

If anyone genuinely wants any tips on dealing with a child’s behaviour then ask Santa for these books…they are great…

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