Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry | 2020 Buying and DIY Guide

Essential oil diffuser jewelry | why wear it..?

Essential oil diffuser jewelry not only looks great but it can also help to improve your well-being.

When we embarked on our zero-waste journey I began looking for alternatives to chemical perfumes, room sprays and pharmacy purchases.

Essential oils were perfect for my family because not only do they have beautiful, 100% natural aromas, many also have beneficial therapeutic properties too.

Therapeutic benefits of essential oil diffuser jewelry

Many essential oils are thought to be helpful in treating anxiety, pain, mood, nausea, sleep issues and energy so wearers can choose an oil that will suit their needs.

Applying a few drops of my favorite essential oils to my diffuser jewelry allows me to carry the aroma with me all day.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry looks beautiful

Natural clay and lava stone make beautiful pieces of jewelry. These materials are also absorbent so make great diffuser beads.

Stunning silver pieces can also be purchased. These usually hold a small pad which absorbs the essential oils.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry is convenient

When I used to work in an office I wouldn’t have been allowed to bring my room diffuser from home so diffuser jewelry was ideal.

They are also great for journeys and hotel stays as they take up no additional space in your luggage.

Types of essential oil diffuser jewelry

Essential oil diffuser necklaces

Essential oil diffuser necklaces are a good option as the essential oils remain close to the nose.

The added heat from your bodies core will also help to diffuse the natural oils.

An oil diffuser necklace allows you to wear your favorite oil and take it with you wherever you go.

This is particularly handy if you use oils to help calm anxiety or to fall asleep at night.

There are a few different types of diffusing necklaces but all of them are designed to slowly release the scent and associated therapeutic benefits throughout the day.

Types of essential oil diffusing necklaces

Clay and rock diffusing necklaces

Beautiful natural stone works really well as a diffuser necklace. You literally just add a drop of oil to the absorbent bead or lava rock and allow a few minutes drying time before wearing.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry

Glass diffusing necklaces

Essential oil diffuser jewelry

Add your essential oil to a glass diffusing necklace and it will slowly release the oil throughout the day.

Silver or pewter diffusing necklaces

Essential oil diffuser jewelry

Metal necklace hold a small fabric pad inside which absorbs your oil.

Make your own essential oil diffuser jewelry

I made this oil diffuser necklace really quickly using some left-over air dry clay and cord that we had lying around.

Fair trade and Ethical Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

If you’re not going to make your own essential oil diffuser jewelry then please consider buying from a fair trade or local, ethical manufacturer.

Naptime Aromatherapy Co.   make and sell hand-crafted, fair trade and sustainably sourced aromatherapy jewelry and essential oils.

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Essential oil diffuser bracelets

Essential oil diffuser jewelry
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Each of these Vineworks diffuser bracelets are fair trade and has been crafted in Haiti by an artisan.

The diffuser beads absorb the essential oil of your choice.

Essential oil diffuser earrings

Essential oil diffuser jewelry

These work much like the other diffuser jewelry items. An absorbent bead or pad soaks in your oils and lasts all day.

Essential oil diffuser earrings might be a good option for those who don’t like wearing necklaces or bracelets.

A note of caution:

With all of these necklaces you will need to make sure that the oil is entirely sealed or dry before placing near skin or clothes.

I usually place a drop on my clay necklace and finish getting ready before wearing it. I’ve never had an issue with my clothes staining or skin being irritated this way (and I have eczema) but be aware that this is a potential risk.

What is your favorite piece of essential oil diffuser jewelry?



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