Ocean Busy Book Pages | seaside activity pages

Ocean Busy Book Pages | seaside activity pages

Ocean Busy Book Free Download

We love the seaside so I had to make a  Busy Book that’s full of ocean related activities for my preschoolers. I like to share all my home education resources on here for free and you can download this one below.

Busy Books are great laminated so that they can be used again and again.

My boys use their busy book pages when I need a quiet 10 minutes or we’ll explore them together.

They are so easy to make as you just print out the pages and cut the pages that require cutting. 

I laminate all my pieces and store the cards in plastic envelopes stuck to the back of each activity card.

Fine Motor Activity 

Cut out each of the ocean scene pieces so your child can lay them down to create a lovely seaside picture.

Ocean Busy Book pages


Counting Activity 

Count the fish and match to the corresponding number. 

free ocean busy book counting


Order the fish and crab cards from smallest to biggest and from biggest to smallest.

free ocean busy book ordering

Colour Match 

For this page you can choose either US spelling “color” or UK “colour”.


Match each item to the corresponding colour.

free ocean busy book

Animal Habitiat 

A lovely introduction to habitats. Ask your child where each animal lives.


Print your full free copy of this ocean busy book using the link below.

Ocean Printable-min

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  • Thank you so much for making my life easier! I have children with SEN in my class and this will be really helpful for a bit of early morning focus.

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