Free Printable Busy Book Pages | free downloadable toddler and preschooler activity books

Free Printable Busy Book Pages | free downloadable toddler and preschooler activity books

DIY Free Printable Busy Book Pages

Free Printable Toddler and Preschool Activity Books


Busy Books are fun, self-contained activities that children can use to play and learn.


Below you’ll find lots of free Busy Books that follow several themes that are perfect for parents who want to help their child learn in an interactive way.


They’re also perfect for entertaining little ones if you need a few quiet minutes to get something done or if you’re going out to a restaurant.


It’s really easy to start using these Busy Books. Just click the link you want to download and print it off.


free ocean busy book
A page from my free ocean printable busy book (download it below).

Busy Books are best printed in color and laminated as they will look better and last longer. 


They’ll also be wipeable which is always handy if a little one is using them!


Once you’ve put your Busy Book together your child can use it again and again which saves printing off individual sheets for them to use.

Free printable Busy Book
These pages are from the Spring Busy Book. Choose  English or American pages. 


To make your free busy book…


You will need:

  • Free printable Busy Book (choose from pages below).
  • A laminator.
  • Scissors.
  • Velcro.
  • Ribbon.



  • Click on the Busy Book you want and print in color (I’ve included American and British English spellings so just select the pages you want to print).
  • Follow cutting instructions on each page e.g. cut out cards, shapes, numbers.
  • Laminate pages and cards etc. and cut tidily again.
  • Add Velcro to each piece so that it can be fixed in position.

It’s that simple!

I like to store each page in an A4 wallet so that all the pieces are easy to find.


Choose a Printable Busy Book 


1. Free Printable Spring Busy Book

This Free Printable Spring Busy Book is just beautiful.

It introduces some key features of Springtime to preschoolers with beautiful images and colorful activities (US and UK versions available).

A simple match the pictures page. A lovely way to introduce some aspects of seasons.

There are counting activities, early reading activities, fine motor, ordering and matching games.

free spring busy book
A fun fine motor activity.

Click here to print the full Spring Busy Book.


2. Free Printable Ocean Busy Book

We love the seaside so I had to make a Busy Book that’s full of ocean related activities.


Print this free ocean busy book here.

Ocean Busy Book pages

3. Alphabet Letter Jar Busy Book

This free busy book page is a fun way to reinforce letter recognition and begin matching corresponding sounds.

Click to visit download page.


4. Pirate Busy Book

Have some fun with this Pirate Busy Book.  

Can your child fill the treasure chests with the correct number of sequins?


There’s also a page where they can transform a photo of themselves into a fearsome looking Captain!

pirate busy book-min

5. Transport Busy Book

This transport busy book focuses on number, colour and letter recognition.

It’s perfect for any little ones who love vehicles.

Download this free busy book here.

I’d love to here from you if you use my free resources and please share them with friends! 


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