Free Spring Busy Book Printable

Free Spring Busy Book Printable

This Spring Busy Book Printable is entirely free for you to print (better still you don’t need to input any personal details to download it!)

I made this Spring Busy Book for my boys so that we can explore all of the things we love about this season.

It introduces some key features of Springtime to preschoolers with beautiful images and colourful educational activities.

You can print it all for free using the link below.

A simple match the pictures page. A lovely way to introduce some aspects of seasons.

Your child can play with it themselves or you can explore the pages together. Simply talking to your child about the images and what they can see will greatly extend their learning.  

I’ve included activities that will help your child to develop and practice a range of skills.

Learning with this Spring Busy Book

Letter recognition

free spring busy book

This activity can be used in a variety of ways:

1. Print the sheet with “S-P-R-I-N-G” and ask your child to lay them in the correct order on the boxes sheet.

2. Stick to upper case letters on the boxes sheet and child can match the lower case letters by placing on top. 

3. Print 2 letters pages. Stick one set of lower case letters on the boxes sheet and ask your child to match the other set of lower case letters.

Numbers and Counting

A simple counting activity. Print, cut and laminate the dot cards and let your child count them and place them on the corresponding number square. 

free spring busy book

Fine Motor Skills 

All of these activities will help to develop fine motor skills (e.g picking up cards and placing in square) but I’ve also included some specific fine motor activity.

On this busy book page your child can help the little bee to fly between flowers collecting nectar.

free spring busy book

This next busy book page is another that’s great for fine motor practice. Cut and laminate the petals, stem and leaves so your child can build the flower on the other sheet.

They can use the faded flower as a guide or make their own.


I’m a keen gardener (take a look at my other site Beginner Gardener Tips) so I had to include this page where your child can plant their own garden.

They can even place the little labels by the vegetables. 

Spring Busy Book free

Colour Match

This activity is a chance for your child to practice their colour recognition.

You can print either the US version (color) or the UK version (colour).


There are 2 pages for your child to order the images biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. 


Shape Recognition 

Cut the shapes and let your child match them. 

I’ve included the shape names on the printable because it will help kids begin to recognise word shapes and other early reading skills.

Spring Busy Book free


Print the Free Spring Busy Book

Click the link below to download a off of this busy book.

Free Spring Busy Book-min

If you liked our free printable busy book then please consider sharing it…and take a look at all of my free busy books! You may also like these Free Spring Challenge Cards for older children.

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