Free Stone Age Printable Worksheets

Free Stone Age Printable Worksheets

Fun Caveman Printable Worksheets 


I have loved creating these Stone Age printables because I know that my boys will love the activities…jewelry making, cave painting, shelter building, cooking and pot crafting…what’s not to love!


As a home educating mum and ex-teacher I like to put together practical projects for us to learn about specific topics together.


It gives us a little structure and focus but still allows the flexibility we need to be child-led.

Stone age activities

These cavemen printables are suitable for many ages and abilities because the they are all easily adaptable.


The purpose of these projects is to really explore topics and learn organically rather than complete a classic ‘worksheet’. 

stone age activities worksheets

We usually work through our projects together so younger children will need some help with the reading.


I like to include as much topic information as possible because it helps to set the scene and answer any initial questions they might have.

How to use these Stone Age printables…

Cavemen walked the earth during the period we call the Stone Age which can be divided into the three periods within the Stone Age: Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.


These Caveman printables look at each period in turn. 


Through various activities you’ll explore how life changed for early humans during the 2.5 million years that we now call The Stone Age.

stone age activities worksheets

At the end of each period we recreate a model that demonstrates what we’ve learnt. 


Download it, print it and use it for your personal use. I’d love to hear how you get on.


Stone Age Free Printable Cavemen Worksheets.

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