French Baby Toys and Books – Best of 2020 | Learn French Through Play

French Baby Toys and Books – Best of 2020 | Learn French Through Play

Best French Baby Toys and Books


A while ago I wrote about learning a new language as a family so I thought that I’d write a bit about the French baby toys and games that we love.


French speaking toys are an excellent way to introduce another language to babies and toddlers.


Thankfully, there are some beautiful French baby toys, games and books available (these are our all time favourite French Baby Books!)


Nobody wants an entire house full of toys so the French baby toys that we recommend are the types of toys that you might buy anyway. You’re just buying bilingual versions instead.


This post has some affiliate links but it’s always worth looking out for used kids toys as they are often well looked after.


Another advantage of having French speaking toys is that you’ll hear French every day in the house! I found that it helped with my learning too.


French Speaking Toys


1. Baby Einstein Activity Table. 


Our boys loved their Baby Einstein Discovering Music Table. Especially when they were just learning to stand.


They can play musical notes or switch the key to introduce colours and numbers. There are lots of noisy fiddly bits that keep their interest too as well as developing fine motor skills.


There’s a guitar to strum, a drum to tap and a spinning French horn. At the centre of the table is a book that activates the lights and songs.


The legs are detachable so it can also be used on the floor at tummy time. That’s a handy feature for packing ot away too!


As baby learns to stand they can use the table to support their balance.

Click to check price of Discovering Music Activity Table


2. Octoplush 


How adorable are these octopus soft toys!?


We love anything ocean themed and these are even better as they can be set to English, French or Spanish!


Each of the legs has a different embroidered color which when squeezed says the color in your chosen language.


A super cute French baby toy!

Click to check price of Baby Einstein Octoplush Plush Toy


3. Titounis CD 


Not a toy as such but I had to include this collection of catchy songs that will have parents singing along too.


Listening to kids songs can get a little tedious but you may find yourself enjoying these tunes!


Songs are a great way to learn new words and these are really rich in vocabulary.


You can also watch the cute animated music videos on their YouTube channel or buy the CD so that you can listen in the car as we do.


Click to check price of Comptines pour bébés (Titounis Best of)


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4. Glow and Discover Light Bar. 


Another Baby Einstein toy that you can set to English, French or Spanish.


This French baby toy is lovely for tummy time as there are colored buttons, a spinning rattle and lights to keep little ones entertained.


There are three modes to choose from: animal noises, xylophone and colours.

Click to check price of Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Toys


5. Baby Einstein’s Curiosity Table 


This clever toy is designed to encourage  your child’s naturally curious spirit.


It includes removable, spinning gears,  color-discovery circuits and flashing lights.


Your little ones can experiment with color mixing using the mess-free “paint pots” and spin the cogs until the bulb lights up.


Language can be set to English, Spanish or French.


This clever table has a removable middle art panel to store your baby’s arts and crafts.


There’s also a drawing art surface and dry erase whiteboard so there’s plenty to amuse multiple children.

French baby toys

Check prices here.


6. VTech Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel 


This toy has a suction cup that holds it in place on high chairs, floors and other smooth surfaces.


Your baby spins it as it’s starry lights and friendly voice respond.


The Ferris Wheel includes five sing-along songs to encourage first words and animal buttons that teach numbers, colours and animals.


This is the French version.

French baby toys

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7. Discover and Play Piano


The keys on this baby piano are soft-to-the-touch so it’s perfect for little ones.


It has three discovery modes:

In instrument mode, your little one can listen to the sounds made of the drum, violin and horn.


In numbers mode, each key introduces the numbers one to five in English, Spanish and French.


In Animal discovery mode your baby can listen to the animal noises.

French baby toys

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8. VTech Peek-a-Bear Baby Phone 


Little ones will enjoy this French toy phone.
They can pretend to make calls by pressing the buttons.
They can listen to songs, phrases and music.
The buttons introduce colours and numbers as they press them.
Can be attached to infant seats, strollers and car seats for convenience.

French baby toys

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9. ‘Ou est mon?’ books


I was an early years teacher before starting a family so we have a LOT of books in the house!


Our youngest loves these Ou est mon…? collectable textured board books (in English they are called “That’s not my…”)


There are so many to collect!


We like to buy these as gifts for little ones.


Où est mon lapin? is perfect at Easter and Où est mon lutin? makes a lovely Christmas gift.


Just look at how many there are to collect…


I’ve written a more comprehensive list of the French baby and toddler books that we love if you’d like to take a look.

 French baby toys and books

I hope this has given you lots of ideas! Let me know in the comments if you have any other French baby toys and books to suggest.

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