Fun Ideas For Halloween in Lockdown

Fun Ideas For Halloween in Lockdown

Ideas For An Awesome Halloween in Lockdown

Have The Best Halloween In Lockdown


Halloween is just around the corner and we’re not about to let Covid-19 ruin our fun!


So, I’m going to share some great ideas for celebrating halloween in lockdown.


If you live in a close community where Halloween is usually a big deal then it makes sense to talk to your neighbours and try to come up with a plan together. 


If you’re used to celebrating with family and friends then a online party might suit you. We have some ideas below that will work for virtual parties too and take a look at these fun games to play on FaceTime, WhatsApp or similar. 


If you have kids then you can get them involved in the planning of your alternative Halloween Lockdown Party using my free Halloween Party Planning Pack (it’s totally free and I don’t need even want your email address!)

Halloween Party Planning templates


Take a look at these Halloween Lockdown ideas to inspire your party…


Social Distancing Halloween Ideas


1. Not Trick or Treat But Hide and Seek

Hide Halloween treats around the house a bit like an Easter egg hunt.


Make it extra spooky (or smooty as our 3 year old says!) by switching off the lights and using only torches to seek out the treats.


You could leave clues or simply mark the treats with glow in the dark stickers.

If you have older children and want to add more of a scare factor then then someone to dress up and spook them as they hunt. A black morph suit would be awesome for this!

2. Creepy Delivery

Forget Santa, imagine the kids looking out for a delivery of treats from a werewolf, witch or zombie?

If Lockdown rules allow, arrange with your neighbours that a few people will deliver all the treats to each houses displaying pumpkins…while wearing scary fancy dress.


 HALLOWEEn in lockdown

3. Halloween Gift Box

Much like a Christmas Eve box you could fill a box with small gifts to make Halloween more special. 

Some slime, a fancy dress outfit, some fangs, glow in the dark stickers…

4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt 

A game that can be played from the car, at home or in your back yard.


Provide guests with a list of Halloween themed items to spot like a black cat, a witch, 3 pumpkins. 

Spend some time searching for all the items on your list.


5. Halloween Talent Show

If you have performers in your family then why not put on a little talent show. 

This would work well too online with each person taking turns to perform.


6. A Spooky Movie Night

If you prefer a quieter night then choose a movie and some Halloween themed snacks to enjoy together.


7. Window Art Competition

If your neighbours want to get involved in the Halloween spirit then you could arrange a window art competition. 


Participants can decorate their window however they choose and each household can vote for their favourite.

8. Campfire, smores and sugar cinnamon apples

Take your party outdoors around a toasty campfire. Tell spooky stories under the moonlight.


9. Odd one out

Another idea to arrange with the neighbours.

Everyone to decorate a space outside the front of their house but place an object that is out of place. 


For example, you could hang spooky decorations from a tree but also a Christmas bauble.


In the run-up to Halloween your neighbours can visit to try and spot the odd thing out. If you prepare a list of participants names then people can record their answers.


You could play this at home too in different rooms of the house.


However you decide to celebrate this Halloween in lockdown I hope you make lots of happy memories.



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