50+ Games To Play On Facetime With Kids (Free Printable) | fun video call games

50+ Games To Play On Facetime With Kids (Free Printable) | fun video call games

When you can’t meet up with loved ones, here are some fun activities and games to play on Facetime with grandparents and friends.


Most of us are still getting our heads around the fact that we’re not going to be socializing the way we’re used to socializing for quite some time.


Explaining to our kids that they can’t see their friends and family has been tough.


Right now, keeping everyone safe is all that matters so play-dates and family dinners are on hold for a while.


Thankfully though we have the technology that allows us to get together online…thank you FaceTime!


So, we’re learning to make the most of it by playing some fun FaceTime games.


FaceTime games and activities are not only great fun but they also reduce the amount of time our three year old spends pressing his nose up to the phone screen 🤣


To Play Games On A Video Call You’ll Need:


Games For Kids To Play On FaceTime With Grandparents


  • Find me something

Grandparents ask them to find “something blue/ smooth/ starting with the letter c”.

Kids run around trying to find an object and bring it back.


  • 20 questions

One player chooses an animal or object and everyone else takes turns to ask a question so that they can guess what they are.

“Yes” and “no” answers only.


  • Who is it?

The perfect game for grandparents tp play with grandkids of FaceTime. Show them an old photograph of a family member for them to guess who it is.


  • I Went To The Shop

Someone starts with “I went to the shop and I bought…a packet of crisps”.

Next person starts from the start and adds their own – “I went to the shop and I bought…a packet of crisps…and a bunch of bananas”.

Carry on for as long as you can without getting confused!


  • Charades

One player acts out the title of a book or film one word at a time for others to guess.


  • ABC

Choose a topic like “household items” and take turns to say one in alphabetical order. So, “armchair”, “biscuit tin”, “coat rack”…


Games to play on facetime


  • The Generation Game

Who remembers this on TV!?

Both sides of video call to choose 15-20 objects and lay them out in a line.

One side to show the other side their items.

Other side has 1 minute to remember all objects.

As they guess correctly items are collected up and counted at the end.


  • Would you rather?

Ask and discuss…”Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?”


  • Hotseat

Prepare some questions for each other and take turns being interviewed.

Is a lovely activity for grandchildren to find out more about their grandparents.

A fun variation is to become characters in the Hotseat. So, for example you could interview Grandpa Pig.


  • Do you know me?

Like the game Mr and Mrs on TV. Ask grandparent a question like “what’s your favourite food?” Child and grandparent to write their guess/answer down on paper and reveal at the same time.

Do they match?


  • Play battleship 

Grid games like battleship can be played over a screen.Cook


  • Ready Steady Cook

Like the TV show; contestants are given a few set ingredients with which they have to create a delicious meal.


  • Play a boardgame

Some games like Guess Who? and Twister work well over a screen if you both have a set.


  • Minute To Win It

Play this fun fast-paced game together using household items to complete tasks in less than a minute. Here are some fun task ideas.


  • Quote game

Say a quote from a movie for the other team to guess who said it.


  • Pictionary

One person to draw while the other guesses what it is. My nephew’s played this over Facetime with their Grandparents who had to do a forfeit if they guessed incorrectly!


  • Hangman

This popular word guessing game works perfectly over a videocall.


  • Simon Says 

One player is Simon and gives commands to everyone else. If they say “Simon says…sit down/ hop” everyone must do that action. If they say just “sit down/ hop” everyone must remain still or they are out of the game.


  • Rapidough

Like Pictionary but mold your word with playdough.


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Facetime Activities To Do With Kids

If you don’t fancy a FaceTime game you might prefer doing an activity on Facetime.

There are loads of activities that work well on video calls and allow you to spend some time together.


  • Read together

Read a book together or have grandparents read to younger children.


  • Perform

I loved performing for my grandparents each Christmas.  If you have some performers then ask them to practice a performance and put on a show.  Popcorn optional.


  • Gratitude Dice

Spend some time thinking about all that’s good in your life. You can print a gratitude dice for free here.


  • Gratitude Jar

Use our free kids gratitude journal template to record all the things that are good about being you. It’s not only a wonderful emotional boost at this tricky time, practicing gratitude has also been proven to improve our physical health.


  • Write a letter together 

Help a child write a letter to a friend or relative. You can write for a young child or help an older child to write their own. Rather than post it you could send a photo of it digitally.


  • Puppet show

If your kids are younger them they’ll probably enjoy watching a puppet show performance.


  • Homework help

Why not spend some time helping out with some homework? Talk through it together over FaceTime.


  • Make music together 

If you’re musically talented then get your instruments out and play together.


  • Tell jokes

Prepare a collection of funny jokes. Who gets the biggest laugh?


  • Dance together 

Turn up the music and have a boogie!


  • Bake something

Older kids might enjoy baking something tasty while person on the other side of FaceTime guides them through a recipe or follows along themselves.


  • Teatime 

After a baking session why not sit down and enjoy what you’ve baked together.


  • Dine together 

If you’re used to spending a lot of time together it can be the simple things that you miss the most. Arrange to serve dinner at the same time (or if you’re close-by you could deliver some to them).


Games For Kids and Toddlers To Play On FaceTime With Friends


  • Show and Tell

Choose a special item that they can share with each other.


  • Drawing Challenge

Agree on something to draw and give it a go at the same time. This can be as serious or as silly as they like.


  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

Put a yoga session on YouTube and follow the story together.


  • Silly faces

Who can pull the silliest face? Keep going until someone laughs 🤣


  • Alphabet Game

Take turns finding an object which starts with a specific letter. Work your way through the alphabet to see how far you can get.


  • The Story Game

Make up a story one word at a time. Each person chooses one word quickly so you keep a bit of a rhythm.


See what you come up with!


  • Build Lego together

Chat and play.  Build a tall tower. Make a robot. All while chatting.


  • What am I?

One person to think of an animal and the other person to ask questions until they guess correctly.

You must only answer “yes” or “no”.


  • Put on a show!

I loved putting on shows with my sisters and cousin as a child. Edward Scissor Hands was our specialty!

Spend all day practicing and perform on FaceTime when you’re ready.


  • Draw each other.

While talking try and sketch each other.


  • Staring Contest

Who can stare for the longest without blinking?


  • Yes No Game

Try to get someone else to say “yes” or “no”. If they do then you win!



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Do you have any other suggestions for games to play on FaceTime with kids, friends and grandparents?

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