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Positive parenting advice for happy kids and happy parents.

Welcome to our collection of Gentle Parenting Blogs.

We’re just an average family from West Wales who are trying to be the best family that we can possibly be. Some days we do better than others but we’re committed to treating each other with kindness and respect. 😍

Gentle parenting blogs
This is us…doing what we love most…spending time outdoors together.

In this Gentle Parenting Blogs section you’ll find everything we’ve written about gentle parenting.

Our posts focus on everyday life with our kids….I have more posts to add but they’re currently stored in my brain (so follow us to see them all as they’re published).

Just a little about us and why I’ve put together this set of gentle parenting blogs…

When our first son Leo, was born we were overwhelmed. My hospital birth was fast and a little traumatic.

We left hospital a few hours later in the pouring rain and couldn’t get the car seat to adjust (despite having practiced beforehand!)

We couldn’t believe that we felt so unprepared…we’d read the books and taken on board everyone’s advice (I have a degree in the Early Years too!)…so I was kind of surprised that this parenting thing didn’t feel as east as I thought it would?

Gentle parenting b
Our second son, Sebastian, was born peacefully at home.

It took a while for us to realise it but we soon found the problem…

We weren’t trusting our instincts and doing what felt right.

As soon as we started ignoring the unhelpful comments, responding to our babies needs and trusting ourselves…it all fell into place.

OK, our life is far from Instagram perfect…I don’t think I even have a family photo where everyone is smiling or someone doesn’t have chocolate on their face (usually me 🤣)

BUT, thus way of parenting just feels so natural…gentle parenting works for us.

Gentle parenting is most definitly not about letting our kids do exactly what they want whenever they want. It’s about talking our problems through, being good role models and respecting each other as individuals.

We see our role as parents is to guide our children rather than demand their obedience and punish when they don’t deliver.

I have pretty strong views about treating children with respect. Parenting is a pretty emotive subject so I don’t expect  everyone to agree with everything that I share…but I do hope you find something that speaks to you.

As a new parent I really benefited from talking to other parents and following gentle parenting blogs. It meant that I didn’t feel so alone and gave me the confidence to trust myself again.

I love to hear from fellow-parents so please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi!