Healthy Snacks…on the go!

Healthy Snacks…on the go!

Travelling with kids is in many ways more challenging than when we we were on our own. We can’t just jump in the car for a five hour journey anymore! It takes a little more planning! We find that a few snacks make the journey so much easier for everyone!
I don’t want my boys to be eating chocolate buttons and crisps the entire way so over the last few years I’ve collected a few healthy snack ideas. Some are recipes that can be cooked in advance and others are items that are easy to buy.Our boys have a travel tray each…they’re great for snacks and toys.

I like my travel snacks to be:

  • As mess free as possible – although my boys can make a mess with anything!
  • Easy and cheap to buy or cook
  • Easy to transport
  • Stay fresh for a few days

Healthy Snack Recipes (click on image for recipe)

Yummy Carrot Cookies – I’ll add a picture next time I bake these.

Bought Snacks

Dried Fruit – Apricots, apple rings, prunes and raisins

Fresh fruit – chopped grapes, tangerines, strawberries etc (best eaten on the day of travel)



Fruit pouches

Dry cereal like Cheerios

Cheese (cut into chunks)

Soft cheese triangles like “the laughing cow”

Mini Rice Cakes (the mini fruit flavoured ones for kids)

Popcorn – we like to make our own in this cute Popcorn Maker.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions…

Happy travels!



Some of my links are affiliate links. This means that if you buy something through my link then I’ll make a little cash at no extra cost to you. That means that I can keep writing ☺ Thanks xxx

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