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This is the Home Education section of our blog.

It’s where we’ll share our collection of home education posts.

A little bit our Home Education Journey…

I’m Amy and I was a Primary School Teacher before working as a Health and Wellbeing Advisor.

Then I had my boys and didn’t go back 😍

Education was and still is my life…I even married a Secondary School Teacher!

It’s probably kind of surprising to some people, that we’re two teachers who are passionate about home education and not sending our kids to school!

We decided in the early days that the UK education system just didn’t fit with how we wanted to raise our children. You can read here why we chose home education.

Home education uk Home schooling
We spend a lot of time learning outdoors. I love watching toddlers trying to reach their own pockets…it’s so cute isn’t it? ❤

Soon after our eldest turned one we decided that we’d had enough of living to work and never having enough family time so we set off on an adventure together…you can find out more about why we’re world schooling and how we’re working on funding it so we don’t have to go back to our day jobs 😎🤣.

You can see all of our home education posts below…please message me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.


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My ramblings

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