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A little bit our Home Education Journey…

I’m Amy and I was a Primary School Teacher before working as a Health and Wellbeing Advisor for our local Education Department in Wales for 10 years. Then I had my boys and didn’t go back 😍

Education was and still is my life…I even married a Secondary School Teacher!

It’s probably kind of surprising to some people, that we’re two teachers who are passionate about home education and not sending our kids to school!

We decided in the early days that the UK education system just didn’t fit with how we wanted to raise our children. You can read here why we chose home education.

Home education uk Home schooling
We spend a lot of time learning outdoors. I love watching toddlers trying to reach their own pockets…it’s so cute isn’t it? ❤

Soon after our eldest turned one we decided that we’d had enough of living to work and never having enough family time so we set off on an adventure together…you can find out more about why we’re world schooling and how we’re working on funding it do we don’t have to go back to our day jobs 😎🤣.

So, what is home education?

Home education, also known as home schooling, is when children learn at ‘home’ (although most actually learn a lot outside of the home too! 😉)  rather than in a school setting.

Usually parents take the lead but some utilise tutors or online teachers.

What and how children learn is incredibly flexible in the UK. There are many different home education styles ranging from unschooling to following formal curriculums.

You don’t need special qualifications to home educate in the UK and you don’t have to follow a curriculum.

There is absolutely no requirement to replicate school in the home, no need to follow strict hours or timetables and you’re child doesn’t legally have to sit any tests or exams.

Home Education UK – is it legal?

Basically anyone living in the UK has the right to take full responsibility for their child’s education. This means that it is legal to home school!

Home Education in England and Wales

What the law says…

In England section 7 of the Education Act 1996 says:

‘The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education suitable

a) to his age ability and aptitude, and

b) any special educational needs he may have, either by attendance at a school or otherwise.’

“Otherwise” refers to a parents right to choose to home educate.

This law means that as a parent you can choose whether to enrol your child in school or l to take them out of school at any point.

However, if your child has special educational needs SEN you may need their permission to home educate.

Home Schoolers Contact with Local Authorities – England and Wales

Section 436A

(1) A local authority must make arrangements to enable them to establish (so far as it is possible to do so) the identities of children in their area who are of compulsory school
age but
(a) are not registered pupils at a school, and
(b) are not receiving suitable education otherwise than at a school.
“Suitable education”, in relation to a child, means efficient full-time education suitable to his age, ability and aptitude and to any special educational needs he may have.

In 2006, this was added to the 1996 Education Act. It says that:

2.15 …Local authorities have general duties to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children (section 175 Education Act 2002 in relation to their functions as a local authority and for other functions in sections 10 and 11 of the Children Act 2004).

These powers mean that Local Authorities can insist on seeing children in order to enquire about their welfare if there are grounds for concern.

However, it does not give local authorities the right to visit home educated children in order to establish whether or not they are receiving a suitable education.

You may receive a letter from your Local Authority asking to arrange a visit to your home. You may wish to do so, however, it is not a legal requirement unless they have due cause for concern e.g. somebody has reported concern to the LA.

Although legally you don’t have to meet you may choose to meet in a neutral location or submit information about the Education your child is receiving.

You have no legal obligation to do this but it is probably wise to oblige in someway.

You can find some sample letters to reply here (I’ll add these asap).

Home Education in Wales

In Wales the basic law regarding Education remains the same as in England (see above 1996 Education Act).

However, things are slightly different in Wales due to Education being a devolved power. There are also likely to be more differences between home educating in England and Wales as new guidance comes into force.

Guidance and legislation to consider:

England and Wales

Elective Home Education Guidelines for Local Authorities in England.


EHE Guidance for Local Authorities

Current SEN Code of practice

Access to Education and Support for Children and Young People with Medical Needs

Social Services and Well being Act (Wales) 2014

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