Homeschooling UK Guide

Home Education UK – information, advice and resources!

I’m getting so many questions about home schooling that I’ve updated all my home schooling posts and put them here so you can find them easily.


1. How to Start Homeschooling in UK – the law, letters and finances

Let’s start with the basics:


  • Before you start home schooling you’ll need to deregister your child. This isn’t as scary as it might sound and you can find some tips along with a deregistration template letter here.



Now, we’ve covered all the technical stuff let’s move onto the fun bit…


2. How to Homeschool in the UK – the curriculum, unschooling, resources and benefits.

  • A period of deschooling can be really helpful for both children and adults as a transition period from school to Home Education.


  • You’ll want to explore types of home education and there are a couple of books about homeschooling that many find helpful.


  • Read this for an insight into how many hours kids are really learning in school. How many hours a day do you have to home school UK?


  • You’ll find homeschooling uk resources here and information about the uk curriculum information here (if you’re interested in that!) and lots of home education ideas.


  • Next find your people. Support is everything and you’re probably wondering how do I find homeschooling groups near me? Or even how do homeschooled kids socialise?


  • Don’t forget yourself either! Read how to make time for me while home schooling for some easy tips to prevent burnout.


  • I’ve put together some information about homeschooling and SEN including homeschooling an autistic child uk, what is an EHCP and SEN grants available.


  • Find out all about homeschooling and GCSE’s and other homeschooling qualification options.

Please message me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.