How Many Pages Have You Read?


I haven’t read many…a page or two at most. My two year old has read almost as many as me. My one year old…barely anything. My husband has read more than all of us but is still nowhere near the end of Chapter One.

I’m talking about World Travel! We’ve been dreaming of ‘seeing more of the world’ since we met. Work/ Training/ Mortgage/ Being too sensible got in the way. Richard had a year abroad a few months after we met but we didn’t make the most of it. I definitely was too busy feeling love-sick to enjoy the regular visits I made to Spain and France. Then we got married and had our two lovely boys and decided it would be too difficult.We then read about a few families that had travelled with children and thought…yeah…we can do that!

We’re starting in our travel comfort zone…France. Richard has handed in his notice at work and our tickets are booked. If we were more daring we might try somewhere a little more exotic but we’re pretty sensible and sensible is probably good when you’ve got a nearly three year old and a just turned one year old coming with you! BUT we plan to travel more…a lot more!

I’m writing this blog as a way of sharing what we’ve done with friends, family and anyone else who wants to read it…but also to remind us of our life goal…to read more pages!




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