How To Live Eco Friendly In 2020 | 60+ tips to become an eco-warrior!

How To Live Eco Friendly In 2020 | 60+ tips to become an eco-warrior!

Our Guide On How To Live Eco Friendly in 2020!

I don’t think that there has ever been a time when so many people were desperate to live as eco consciously as possible.

We are concerned about the negative impact that humans have had and continue to have on our environment…and so we should be.

A decade.

That’s how long leading scientists say we have to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous levels of global warming beyond 2° Celsius.

This will help us to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.


Whilst it’s our governments that truly need to prioritize cutting carbon emissions, there are still many things that we can and should be doing as individuals to live more environmentally consciously.

I mean, you’d have thought that ensuring the earth remains habitable would be everybody’s top priority…wouldn’t you!?

So, for the ever increasing number of people who are keen to do all that they can to live environmentally consciously, we’ve put together a list of things that we can all address in our lives.

Here are over 60 ideas about how to live eco friendly…


1. Speak up!

1.1 Vote for climate change solutions.

1.2 Sign petitions, protest, send emails…let your voice be heard!

how to live eco friendly

2. Food 

2.1 Eat less meat and dairy

2.2 Become more self sufficient and grow your own.

2.3 Cut out processed foods.

2.4 Use reusable containers and covers to store food.

2.5 Plan meals to avoid waste.

2.6 Use freezer efficiently to prevent food waste e.g. freeze bread, leftovers…

2.7 Buy in bulk e.g store sacks of potatoes over winter.

2.8 Buy local, seasonal produce.


3. Electricity Use 

3.1 Switch energy suppliers to one that’s 100% renewable.

3.2 Look into installing your own renewable energy sources…solar, wind etc

3.3 Get a home energy audit to see what parts of your home are inefficient.

3.4 Turn TV, laptops off when not in use.

3.5 Use energy-efficient appliances.

3.6 Set thermostat 1-2 degrees lower.

3.7 Get a smart meter so that you can monitor your usage.

3.8 Switch lights off and let in natural light instead.

4. Water Usage

4.1 Fix any leaks or stuck toilet flushes to prevent water waste.

4.2 Stop the tap when brushing teeth, lathering soap or scrubbing the dishes.

4.3 Use your “grey-water” for the garden.

4.4 Run only a full dishwasher.

4.5 Take shorter showers.

4.6 Install a water-butt.

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5. Cleaning your home

5.1 Use only natural cleaners.

5.2 Use biodegradable materials to clean like old cotton t-shirts or towels.

5.3 Don’t use a drier. Hang clothes on a clothesline to dry.

5.4 Replace artificial air-fresheners with essential oils from sustainable sources.

6. Getting Around

6.1 Use public transport as much as possible.

6.2 Better yet, walk or ride a bike if possible.

6.3 Don’t drive unnecessarily and combine as many errands as possible into one trip.

6.4 Turn your engine off if you’re not moving 🙄

6.5 When the time comes to replace your vehicle, buy electric.

6.6 Avoid flying…especially shorter distances where other transport options are available.

7. Out and about

7.1 Stick to your morals when out of the home…support local businesses and local produce.

7.2 Use reusable bags.

7.3 Bring a reusable bottle.

7.4 Pack reusable containers for take-aways.

How to live eco friendly
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8. Health and wellbeing

8.1 Focus on the positives…talk to like-minded people.

8.2 Get outside every day…feel the sunlight and breathe the fresh air.

8.3 If you have kids then let them explore nature. Teach them how to love and respect our world.

8.4 Plant a tree or a forest!

8.5 Sow bee friendly flowers.

8.6 Start or join a community garden or seed swap.

8.7 Turn off your devices at least once a day and just enjoy the present.

8.9 Install a bidet and use family cloth wipes.

8.10 Instead of heading to the gym try a working out in the great outdoors…climbing, yoga, surfing, SUP.

9. At work

9.1 Print as few documents as you can.

9.2 Ask to work from home when possible.

9.3 Car share.

9.4 Hold meetings online or over the phone.

9.5 Encourage an environmentally conscious workplace.

9.6 Adapt your personal care routine so that you use only reusable and natural products in the bathroom.

10. Waste

10.1 Ditch all single use items like razors, menstrual products etc.

10.2 Avoid packaging waste by following these shopping tips. 

10.3 Donate items you no longer need or use.

10.4 Recycle everything that can be recycled.

10.5 Compost food-waste and biodegradable materials.

10.6 Use social media, charity shops etc. to giveaway or sell unwanted items.

11. Making Purchases

11.1 Live without it first…avoid impulse buys by waiting a while before purchasing.

11.2 Buy used or borrow rather than buying new.

11.3 Look for local and ethically made.

11.4 Buy refurbished phones and electronics and recycle your old ones.

12. Correspondence

12.1 Choose paperless billing.

12.2 Pay bills electronically.

12.3 Read magazines and newspapers online.

12.4 Unsubscribe to unwanted emails.

12.5 Ask for no advertisements in your mail.

13. Gifts and celebrations

13.1 Give gift experiences rather than material gifts.

13.2 Pick up the phone rather than sending cards to everyone in your address book.

13.3 Give pre-loved or handmade gifts.

13.4 Create a gift list so you don’t end up with things you don’t need.

13.5 Give edibles or plants.

Do you have any other suggestions about how to live eco friendly in 2019?

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  • Thank you for reminding me that we should always bring a reusable bottle whenever we go out. I’ve been observing how many plastic cups from establishments have been thrown everywhere and the environment can really use some help. It might be a good idea to look for good brands of eco-friendly stainless steel tumblers so I can just easily have them refilled for my beverages.

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