This Is How To Organize Kids Toys! | keep it tidy and encourage independence

This Is How To Organize Kids Toys! | keep it tidy and encourage independence

If you’re wondering how to organize children’s toys then this post is packed with tips and inspiration for you.


Kids toys can quickly take over a house and make your living areas look cluttered. 


The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple to organize kids toys and to make it easy to teach your children where everything belongs. 


This post will take you through some really helpful tips for organizing toys and share lots of awesome toy storage ideas that are simple, cheap and look great.


Simple Tips For Organizing Kids Toys

1. Sort through it all.

Before you begin organizing kids toys, it’s a good idea to get a full picture of what you’re dealing with.

So, take a deep breath and work through it all one box at a time!

It’s a good idea to involve your kids in selecting any toys that they are ready to part with.

With the promise of new toys,  the run-up to Christmas and birthdays is often a good time to tackle this task!


2. Group and Contain 

Place everything your children want to keep in themed groups e.g. farm animals, hotwheels cars.

Store each group in a box or basket and arrange them back into your wardrobes or shelves.

It will look neater if most of the boxes are hidden behind doors, like in the example below from Sort and Sweet who share so many great ideas!

3. A home for everything. 

When everything has a special place to live it’s much more likely to get put back there when it’s finished with.


It’s also far easier for children to find their things and help with tidy ups if they know where they go.


4. Store some toys out of reach. 

Store toys that have the potential to create chaos in seconds like jigsaws, construction toys and wooden blocks out of reach of young children.


In fact, any toy with tonnes of small pieces are best stored away from little hands so that young kids need to ask for help before accessing them.


This gives you time to prepare a space to play and avoids that dreaded sound as a box full of toys crashes to the floor (ready to be kicked under the sofa usually!)


5. Label It!

Labels make it so much easier to see at a glance where everything belongs.

These vinyl stickers make labeling toy boxes really easy.

These picture labels are perfect for organizing children’s toys too.

6. Shelves 

Using wall space to display some of your child’s favourite toys means that they can access them easily without emptying boxes trying to find them.

Fixing a shelf on the wall next to your child’s bed is a good idea too.

They can use it to place a drink and their bedtime books there…and (if they’re anything like my children!)…the collection of toys that must accompany them each night.


7. Use all available space

One of the simplest ways to organize kids toys is to utilize the storage spaces that haven’t yet reached their potential. 

Store soft toys on the back of a door in a shoe holder.

Hang rails on the wall so you can hold bits and bobs in baskets.

Pegboards are a really handy way of adding customizable storage to your space.

8. Lego blanket

Store Lego, wooden blocks and Playmobil with a sheet or blanket so that it can be used to pick it up easily when the kids are done playing.

You could also DIY or buy a special mat like this one…

9. Craft and learning supplies

Paper, glue sticks, paintbrushes and other bits of stationary are best stored in shallow drawers.

A shallow drawer means that you won’t be tempted to over-fill them so you can easily see its contents.

10. Get rid of bulky boxes

To save space you can remove the boxes from boardgames and store them in wallets instead.

Live Composed shares an amazingly simple way to do-away with bulky boxes that take up valuable cupboard space.


11. Soft Toy Storage

Cuddly toys seem to multiply overnight!

Finding a special space for them will prevent them taking over the bed or floor.  

These big cushion covers are s great idea as when stuffed they double as a comfy beanbag.

Another simple idea that would work as a side table too is to use a basket like this…

12. Make it a feature

If your child has a favourite toy that is always our then make it part of the room.

This clever idea by Sort and Sweet does just that by using tape to mark out cute parking bays for larger vehicles.

Once you’ve worked your way through these steps step back ad admire your efforts! 

It’s worth remembering that despite organizing your kids toys, the little ones are still likely to be rampaging through your house so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to maintain perfection!

Good enough is good enough.


Organizing kids toys


So, there’s our ‘how to organize kids toys’…I’d love to know what you think.


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