Kids Bullet Journal | free printable PDF

Kids Bullet Journal | free printable PDF

Kids Bullet Journal

Download our free kids bullet journal.


Bullet journaling is really popular with adults but kids too can enjoy these scientifically proven methods that are making people happier.


We home educate so a bullet journal is a nice way of introducing a little structure.


I couldn’t find a kids bullet journal that includes everything I wanted…so I made my own.

I have a huge downloadable kids journal available to buy on my other site Fun Learning Resources.

It’s designed with home educating children in mind but works just as well for all kids.


Kids Bullet Journal | What’s it all about?


The kids bullet journal itself is actually really simple. It’s a set of questions that are designed to help kids put their feelings into words.


The questions are based on what research tells us helps to promote happiness and nurture resilience.


If your child isn’t a fan of writing then there’s no reason why they can’t draw their responses or even talk it through.


The thought process is what matters rather than actually recording it all in detail.


A kids bullet journal is a great way to instill healthy habits like practicing gratitude and developing a growth mindset.


Download free kids bullet journal (with gratitude activities)


So this is a quick run through the pages that are included in my kids bullet journal.


1. About Me

The first page in the journal is all about making this something personal for your child.


They can pop a photo or draw a picture of themselves and think about what they like about themselves.


I think it’s a question that we sometimes avoid thinking about but it’s an important one to consider.


It’s not about trying to be perfect but rather accepting our ‘imperfections’ and not dwelling on them.


It’s a page that can be added to throughout the year.

kids bullet journal


2. Successes and Future Plans

The next two pages give children a chance to think about what they’re good at and what they’d like to get better at.


If you want to do some work around growth mindset first then download this free booklet.


When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger. Therefore they put in extra time and effort, and that leads to higher achievement.


The aim of these pages is to get kids talking about their strengths and to help them to understand that with effort and practice they can learn or better skills.

Kids Bullet journal growth mindset

3. Kids Bullet Journal Daily Log

Next comes the really interesting bit. These pages are what makes these processes become habitual.


There are so many proven benefits to practicing gratitude regularly including better physical and mental health.


Likewise, reflecting on our goals and actively seeking space to do more of the things that bring joy to our life, can have really positive outcomes.


These daily logs for kids are an opportunity for children to reflect on their day.


There are two versions of the daily log so that you can choose the most suitable for your child.


Life is far from simple nowadays for  children. There are so many different factors for them to navigate. These pages are a space to where they can learn to express themselves.


This is the simplest version for younger children…

Kids bulley journal daily log

Older children can choose from (or use a variety of) these…
kids bullet journalkids bullet journal

kids bullet journal

4. Kids Bullet Journal Weekly Log

A weekly log can be used instead of s daily log if depending on how often you want to compete it.


You can also choose to include a daily log and a weekly log.

Kids Bullet Journal Weekly Log5. Kids Bullet Journal Monthly Log

The monthly logs are designed to be used both at the beginning and end of each month.


They are a great way to talk about any hopes  or tasks your child wants to achieve at the start of each month.

Kids Bullet Journal Monthly LogThroughout the month they can fill the gratitude jar with all the things they want to remember.

kids bullet journal monthly log
I’ve also added a little activity idea at the bottom of each page.

Make sure you take a look at my ever growing collection of free printable resources!


Click below to build your own kids bullet journal | download the pages you want below:



Little kids bullet journal | intro, daily and extra pages


Older kids bullet journal | intro, daily, weekly and extra pages



Monthly Log and Gratitude Pages 


If you want to print out all variations of daily and weekly logs then you ca n here…

All Weekly and Daily Log Pages For Kids Bullet Journal 


So, there you have my kids bullet journal. I’d love to hear what you think…

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