How To Make a Lego Travel Tin

How To Make a Lego Travel Tin

Leo had this cute Lego travel tin for his third birthday…he loves superheroes! It’s also the perfect way to introduce him to small Lego!

It’s really handy for playing with at the kitchen table (away from his little brother) and taking away on holiday with us.

The perfect amount of Lego is stored securely inside the tin. I even found some brilliant super hero characters to go inside. ☺

We’ve used it in the car too on his Travel Tray by DMoose  as it keeps it all in one place. There’s no danger of him choking on a piece as I sit in the back seat next to the boys. (They both rear face still so there isn’t much leg room in the front passenger seat).

How to make your Lego Travel Tin…

You’ll need:

A tin (I used this one Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Tin but anything similar would work well too…

Loctite Super Glue

Lego Base Board




1. Using scissors, cut  your board to fit the inside of your lid.

2. Glue the board down and allow to dry.

3. Fill the tin with Lego.

4. That’s it!

It works really well with our travel tray!

Lego travel tin

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