Letter Excavation | Fun Toddler Activity To Teach Letters

Letter Excavation | Fun Toddler Activity To Teach Letters

How to teach a toddler letters | the fun way!

A slightly messy toddler activity to teach letters.


Letter Excavation

If you want to introduce letters to your toddler through playplay then letter excavation is a good place to start.


If you hate any mess then play it outside or try the Fishing Letters Activity instead. (It honestly didn’t take long to vacuum up after and tha5 amused the kids for a while longer).


The Setup

You will need:

  • Magnetic letters
  • Metal baking tray
  • Flour
  • Brush (I used a paint brush)


Pin to find again later.

What to do:

  • Choose some letters and use the magnets to stick them to the tray.
  • Cover with flour.
  • Place a brush next to the and wait for your to discover it. (I find it makes less mess on the floor rather than a table…we often use our messy play tray).

How To Play


  • Give your toddler time to discover the letters hidden under the flour.
  • Ask them if they recognize any of the shapes.
  • Tell them what letters they are and emphasize the sound e.g. “b, b bee…bbbuzz!”


I have adapted this game so that my honeschooled preschooler gets a little more out of it too…take a look at the free printable worksheet here.




They both played for just under an hour with this and then helped vacuum the mess.


Littlest ended up playing snow rescue with his vehicles!



Let me know if you had fun with this toddler activity to teach letters. Enjoy!

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