Lockdown Birthday Ideas | fun birthday party ideas for isolation

Lockdown Birthday Ideas | fun birthday party ideas for isolation

Birthday Ideas For Lockdown 

If you’re looking for fun lockdown birthday ideas then take a look at these fun suggestions…

We’ve found the best lockdown party ideas for kids, partners and friends.

It’s worth reading them all as most are suitable for any age or gender.

If you’ve not sorted a gift yet then have a peek at these great self isolation birthday present ideas too!


Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Kids

Planning a lockdown birthday party for kids can be tricky.

My son had been planning his party at the zoo for 4 months before we realized that it wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully we were able to plan a fun lockdown party for him. It was actually really nice to have a family birthday without the chaos that tonnes of guests bring!

So, here are some fun lockdown birthday ideas for kids:

1. Teepee in the lounge


Who wouldn’t love this beautiful set up? A teepee, cushions, flowers and snacks! 

If the weather is good then you could even take it outside.


2. Teddy bears picnic 

We can’t invite friends indoors but we can party with our teddies instead! 


Lay out a picnic rug, pack some snacks and bring your favourite bears.


3. Ice Cream Party

Grab some ice creams and funky toppings and you can pretty much guarantee a happy child.

Set it up and let everyone help themselves to ice cream topped with strawberries, chocolate buttons and smarties…yummy!


4. Design a friend party

On the design a friend website they have a free downloadable birthday kit to print and use at your lockdown party.


5. Hot dog feast


Another party idea that’s centered around delicious food…isn’t it the best kind?!


6. Pool party

You don’t need a massive pool to have a fun pool party in lockdown!


7. Theme day

Ask the birthday boy or girl to choose a theme for their special day.

Lockdown birthday Ideas For kids

For a dinosaur theme, you could decorate the table with dino toys, make a dinosaur egg pinata, hide gifts along a dinosaur themed treasure hunt in the garden.

Everyone could have their face-painted or put together a fancy dress outfit. 


8. Bowling or Crazy Golf

Set up a crazy golf course or bowling alley in your house or garden.

If you have a themed party then you could use figure toys as your skittles…it works well with superheroes!

9. Sports Day

Remember sports day in school?  Egg and spoon race, sack race, three-legged race…

You could even get some chocolate medals for winners.

10. Chalk Walk

Ask neighbours to leave birthday messages outdside their houses written in sidewalk chalk.

When you take your walk around the neighbourhood they will love seeing all the birthday messages!

Lockdown Birthday Ideas


11. DIY Soft Play Party 

As I child I loved it when my mum pulled all the sofa cushions off for us to play with. 

Depending on your own comfort level you can DIY your own soft play at home.

We’ve gone as far as putting 2 mattresses down the stairs to make a slide.


Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Teenager

1. Escape Room Party

For older children you could create your own escape room for them to enjoy!


2. Online Game 

Take a look at these fun games to play on Facetime and arrange a virtual get together with friends.


3. Pamper Day

Facepacks, nail varnish, face masks and foot spas!


4. Henna or Glitter Tattoos 

You can buy awesome henna kits that you can use to make your own temporary tattoo designs. 


5. Upycling Challenge

If you have a creative teen then wjat about setting an upcycling challenge.

They can get online with friends while they all create while they chat.

Take a look on Pinterest for ideas…they could be as simple as making candle holders from him cans or making a skirt from some used shirts!

6. Karaoke 

Get online with friends and dance or sing along together.


7. Messages from friends

Get friends and family to record messages to the birthday boy or girl and play them on their special day.


8. Bike ride

Get out on your bikes together…don’t forget to pack some cake.


Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Husband

Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Him

1. Build a bar

You can’t go out to the bar so bring the bar to your house or garden. 

To make it extra special combine a few of the following ideas too.


2. Pizza Party


This amazing pizza oven was an unicycle project by our local blacksmith and would make an awesome lockdown gift.

You can also buy pizza ovens to enjoy in the garden.

3. Firepit

Light up a fire pit and have a chilled evening.

4. Lockdown T-shirt 


Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Wife 

Lockdown Birthday Ideas For Her

1. Pizza, donuts and flowers

The image below says it all I think!



2. Fondue 

The only thing you need to decide is chocolate or cheese?!


3. Hot tub

Find a local company that hires out hot tubs. 

4. Movie night 

Netflix and snacks in your pjs…van’t get more lockdown than that!

5. Outdoor cinema

Set up a projector and screen in the garden and get comfy on some cushions.



6. Picnic

Pack up a picnic and head outside.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these lockdown birthday ideas. Let me know in the comments what you’re planning…

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