Find Milk Delivery Near Me | the complete guide

Find Milk Delivery Near Me | the complete guide

Find A Milk Delivery Near Me 🐄

More and more people want to do their bit to reduce plastic waste and are asking “is there a milk delivery near me?”

In this guide we’ll take you through how to find a local milk delivery.

Only 3% of the five and a half billion litres of milk that is sold in the UK annually is delivered to the doorstep. However, it appears that the number of people interested in milk in  glass bottles is on the up.

That’s great news, especially with such uncertainty about what actually happens to the plastic bottles that we throw in the recycling every week.

Mass production of plastics, which began just six decades ago, has accelerated so rapidly that it has created 8.3 billion metric tons—most of it in disposable products that end up as trash.

National Geographic

With 12% of that incinerated that leaves an overwhelming seven billion three hundred and four million that is on our earth in some form.

Rather worryingly, 91% of plastic isn’t recycled so it’s either in landfill, blowing around outdoors or making a nuisance of itself in our waterways.

And…it’ll be there for a long, long time.

In fact, you could come back to visit earth in the year 2400 and still find that plastic milk bottle you chucked out this morning.




Even, after 400 years when it’s “gone” it’ll still be there…as micro-plastics which continue to pollute our environment and cause harm.

Milk delivery near me
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Go back 40 years and milk was often delivered on a milk float by local dairy farmers. My grandfather was actually a milkman and dairy farmer in Dorset.

When Tetra Pak and polyethylene jugs became more popular, the amount of milk sold in glass bottles dropped by 90% (from 1975 to 2015).


How Do I Find A Local Milk Delivery Near Me?

How to get local milk delivered to my door?

Here are a few suggestions that you can use to track down a local milk delivery…

  • Check online at Enter your postcode and hopefully a list of milk deliveries for your area will appear!





If not, try this…

  • Ask around to see if anyone knows of a milk round in the area. If you have a local shop then that’s a good place to start.



How to find farm fresh milk near me?


  • Look for a local dairy. Some offer a service where you can bring your own bottles to fill.


  • Farmers Weekly have a map on their site that shows British farmers who sell direct to the public and cut out the middleman. See the map here.


  • Visit a Farmers Market and ask any dairy stalls.



  • Find a hobby farmer – someone who keeps their own milking animals e.g. cows, goats.


Online Milk Delivery


If you can’t find a local milk delivery then look online.


The companies below sell milk in returnable glass bottles.


Please tell me if you know of an online milk delivery company (who reuse glass bottles) to add to the list.


Mc Queens Dairies is a third-generation family firm who started their first milk round in 1995. Their aim was to update the traditional doorstep delivery.

Milk & More is owned by Müller who bought Hanworth Dairy in London in 2016. They pledged to keep its glass bottling plant and delivery service which now has a workforce of 1,200 milkmen and women!

Creamline established in 1945 deliver about 650,000 pints of milk in returnable glass bottles each week. They sell a number of household essentials too.


Make Sure To Find Returnable Glass Milk Bottles

It’s important to note that with all of the above options it’s the reusing of the glass that’s key.


Reducing our plastic waste is really important but unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as switching to single-use glass and paper packaging.


“Although a single-use glass bottle is the most energy-intensive option, if the glass bottle is re-used enough times it becomes more energy-efficient than a HDPE bottle”.

Friends of the Earth, UK


So, a milk bottle needs to be reused over 5 times for it to become more energy efficient than a standard plastic bottle. 


Thankfully, an average glass milk bottle is reused around 15 and can be reused as many as 50 times!


Glass is a great example of a circular economy because it begins again as it ends.

Plastic on the other hand will never disappear. Even recycled plastic will be down cycled  into something like a fleece sweater which will continue to shed plastic particles into our environment.


How Much Does Fresh Milk Delivery Cost?


Four pints of milk bought in Asda costs just £1.09 compared to milk delivered to your door which would cost anything from around £2.20 – £4 for the same amount.


Unfortunately, at the moment, making better decisions for our planet can actually cost more. This is for a few reasons:


Is it a better product? – food items sold in bulk stores or zero waste shops are often organic and/or locally produced.


Are producers better paid? – we’re used to getting a lot of milk for not much money. Supermarket milk costs so little because they pay farmers so little. They have unfairly devalued the price of milk.


Can we generate demand? – if we want change then we have to pay for it. If more people support local milk delivery as well as other local produce like fruit and vegetables, then they may cheaper.


If we can afford to pay more than perhaps we should…for the sake of our planet.


Can’t Find A Milk Delivery Near Me

If you can’t find or can’t afford a local milk delivery then don’t panic.


Don’t feel too disheartened by having to buy one item in plastic packaging. There are loads of other ways that we can reduce our waste.




If you have to buy milk in plastic then choose the least amount of packaging possible i.e. buy a big bottle rather than several small bottles.


Remember you can freeze milk too if you have too much to use before the use-by-date.

Please help to spread the word by sharing this post if you’ve found it helpful.



Another thing to consider of course is reducing the amount of meat and dairy that we consume.

Eco conscious living
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We’ve reduced the amount of dairy that  we consume, like many people who are concerned about climate change.


It’s a personal choice and not everybody is ready or interested in reducing their consumption of animal products.


I’m not going to try to convince you either way but I had to give it a mention! 😁


I hope you enjoyed reading “Milk Delivery Near Me” . Let us know how you get on!🐄

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