Nature’s Rainbow – Free Activity Templates

Nature’s Rainbow – Free Activity Templates

Nature's Rainbow

My boys loved this Nature’s Rainbow Activity so much that I decided to share some blank templates with you guys! I hope you have as much fun as we did. Just clink on a link below to download.

[download id=”711″]

[download id=”709″]

[download id=”707″]

[download id=”691″]

Nature's Rainbow
Nature’s Rainbow

1. Print your preferred version (portrait/landscape and colour/black and white).

2. Colour your rainbow.

3. Go outdoors and start exploring! Can you spot the colours of the rainbow? Collect and carefully stick items to your rainbow.

4. Use a flower identification book like i-SPY Wild Flowers: What can you spot? (Collins Michelin i-SPY Guides) to find out the names of the flowers you’ve found.

This activity is great for talking respecting and protecting our environment. Talk to your kids about rare plants and explain that some flowers should be left untouched. Show them how to pick one flower instead of pulling up the whole plant including roots!

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