10 Outdoor Adventure Essentials…you need with toddlers!

10 Outdoor Adventure Essentials…you need with toddlers!

We love spending time outdoors but having two energetic little boys means that there’s often little time to get organised! Out trips are always more successful if we remember to pack our backpack with some essentials that make the day a lot more comfortable. This is what we take with us if we’re planning an outdoor adventure with our toddlers!

  1. A waterproof blanket – I first saw this Rubbastuff one in a post by Potty Adventures. It is totally waterproof and washable! The family sized blankets are just under £40 (plus at the moment there’s 10% off for new customers).  The Snakes and Ladders design handily  as a giant board game too! It looks well made and like it will last a lot longer than the fleece ‘waterproof backed’ ones that need replacing each year!
  2. Insulated Picnic Backpack full of goodies.
  3. Drinks bottle – we love these Stainless Steel ones. No nasty plastics and they are really strong! They keep water tasting fresh and cool too.
  4. Didriksons waterproofs if it’s too cold to get wet. These waterproofs actually work! OR UV Suits if it’s hot and there’s water involved! 
  5. Avon Mosquito Repellent – Insects love biting little ones and persistent biters can really upset our boys. This spray by Avon is actually a moisturiser but contains Citronella so naturally repels insects.
  6. Baby change bag – OK seems obvious but you’d be amazed how often we pop out for an hour without it and regret it! Include a change of clothes for kids.
  7. First Aid Kit – just incase!
  8. Drybag – these 100% waterproof bags are cheap to buy and great for stashing car keys, mobiles, cameras and other valuables.
  9. Paracord – really handy to carry some with you. You can use it to make a clothes-line to dry wet clothes and it’s also great for den building.
  10.  Opinel Knife – needed for cutting paracord and is again useful for den building.

    What’s useful to us may seem pointless to another family so add and delete from this list as you wish. We love forests and streams and enjoy building dens and climbing trees. I like to pack for the ‘what-ifs’…obviously the one time we forgot to pack clothes was the same day that I accidently pushed Leo into the cold river…thankfully we had a lift home in a tractor!

      If you need some activity ideas then checkout my Awesome Outdoor Activities For Toddlers that are super simple and great fun!

      Have fun!



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