10 Outdoor Essentials For Babies & Toddlers| enjoy the outdoors

10 Outdoor Essentials For Babies & Toddlers| enjoy the outdoors

Take a look at our list of outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers that will help you to enjoy your adventures. 

Spending time outdoors as a family is great for your health and wellbeing but sometimes it can seem a little chaotic getting out the front door!

We have two energetic little boys so having our favourite waterproof backpack packed ready with some outdoor essentials means that we are always ready to head out on an adventure together. 

We never went overboard buying baby stuff (read my zero waste baby post to find out what we used) but there are some items that I wouldn’t leave home without.

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What outdoor essentials do you need for babies and toddlers?

So, here’s a list of our favourite outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers…

1. A waterproof blanket

Top of the list has to be our waterproof blanket because we take it everywhere we go.

We use it for picnicking, naps, chilling and playing.

If you want a truly awesome picnic blanket that is built to last and incredibly light (and beautiful) then you really should take a look at PACMAT picnic blankets.

They are waterproof and washable and best of all it really is family sized. 

Ours has an amazing map of Britain on it and includes lots of fun games to get everyone thinking and moving. 

Pacmat outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers
Our PACMAT is perfect for staycations!


2. Insulated drinks bottle 

Outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers drink

An insulated bottle will keep drinks cool all day.  Stainless Steel  bottles are great because they are really strong and I find that water tastes much fresher too.


3. Waterproofs

We always pack our Didriksons waterproofs if it’s cold and wet. They work really well and with a pair of wellies on too I know that my boys will stay dry.


4. Sun protection

In Wales it can be boiling hot one second and torrential rain the next so if we’re heading to the beach or a lake then we’d usually pack waterproofs, sunhats and UV Suits.

If baby will nap on their own then a UV tent will be useful if you’re spending all day outdoors.

5. Avon Bug Repellent  

Insects love biting little ones soft skin and persistent biters can really upset babies.

This spray by Avon is actually a moisturiser but contains Citronella so naturally repels insects. Read the reviews…it really works!


6. Change of clothes (or 2!)

This one may seem obvious but you’d be amazed how often we pop out for an hour without a change of clothes and regret it! 


7. Baby Carrier

I literally had my Tula Carrier strapped to me for the best part of 3 years. Both our boys loved it and it gave me the freedom to off-road and visit places that would have been impossible with a pushchair.

Outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers carrier

8. Travel Change Mat

Travel change mats are really handy because when your adventuring with kids you can never quite predict when your going to need to change a nappy.

Add a travel change mat to your usual nappy changing gear and you have somewhere clean to sort baby out.


9. Little Waterproof Bag

These waterproof bags are definitely essentials when heading out with a baby.

We’ve have a few that we use for wet swim stuff, used nappies and dirty clothes. 

Especially handy if your hiking or going somewhere without rubbish bins. 

Outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers


10. Picnic bag and snacks

An insulated picnic bag will keep your snacks cool all day. You can find small ones or backpack style bags depending on what size suits you best.

We always travel with snacks.

Edibles that travel well are:

Grapes, apples, raisins, cereal bars, peanut butter wraps, cheese cubes, boiled eggs.

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What are your favourite outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers?

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