Parks Near Me | Find The Best Parks and Playgrounds

Parks Near Me | Find The Best Parks and Playgrounds

Find Parks Near Me

We’ve all done it…googled “parks near me” and crossed our fingers that Google works it’s magic.

I mean, google has the answers to most things…from how long to cook broccoli to how to get your kids to eat it!

However, despite Google being my go-to for most queries, I’ve kind of given up on it when I’m searching for playgrounds or parks near me.

Travelling with young kids to unfamiliar places has helped me to acquire many new skills…changing a nappy on my lap and finding parks near me being the most useful to date!

I recently wrote about how we find playgrounds easily when we’re travelling and it’s been so popular that I wanted to share some park finding tips with you in this post!

Parks near me Brittany
A park with a view in Brittany, France.

Find parks near me | anywhere in the world

Play Parks near me

This is our favourite app for travelling with our kids!

It has well over 200,000 parks listed worldwide! AND it’s free!!

parks near me



It’s especially handy if you’re going to be driving long distances and need places to stop en route as you can just click “find playgrounds near me”…choose one and navigate to it!

We used it several times a day when we drove across France and it never failed.

Parks near me
Another park with a stunning view…this time in Charente.

It helped us to find free parks with play equipment, toilets and much needed shade.

Read this post to find out more about the app and see how it works.

Find playgrounds and parks near me

Find wild spaces near me

If you’re looking for a slightly wilder place to play then why not take a look at the Woodland Trust map.

It lists all of the woodlands that are managed by the Woodland Trust in England, Wales and Scotland.

Until I looked at the map, I had no idea that we had an amazing woodland walk just a mile away from where I’d lived for thirty years!

Parks near me
Enjoying nature’s playground!

So, why not head to the woods and have some fun!

Find Council run parks near me

Another option is to take a look at this government website which can help you to find a nearby park.

Personally,  I’ve not found it particularly useful but it may be better for some areas than others.


Do you have any other tips that work better than googling “find parks near me”?

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