Perfect doesn’t exist…good enough is good enough!

Perfect doesn’t exist…good enough is good enough!

Being a parent in today’s society can be a little overwhelming.

We have access to so much more information than our parents could have ever imagined when they were raising us.

Within seconds, we can find the answers to our questions on a device that’s small enough to carry with us wherever we go.

I love that as a generation we aren’t afraid to question things and to challenge our “normal” but all this information can be a little smothering sometimes.

It can make us feel as if we’re drowning in decisions, as if everything we do for the best has ‘scientfiic evidence’ to the contrary.

As if nothing but perfect is good enough.

We’re surrounded by images of the “perfect parent“, the “perfect vacation“, the “perfect partner” and the “perfect diet“.

Perfect parents

But…you know perfect doesn’t exist, right?!

Being good enough IS good enough.

We need to recognise our achievements and embrace the fact that we are good enough.

I want you to know that our days are filled with meltdowns, laundry, crumbs and chaos too.

They’re also filled with tonnes of early morning cuddles, playing dinosaur tag and running around the house with pants on our heads.

We’re not perfect but we’re real.

Perfect parents
Just look at these two…they’re like this all the time 😉

What really helps me, is talking to other real parents. You know, the one’s who make you feel normal.

The one’s who won’t judge you when you say that your three-year-old has been watching Blaze on repeat since 4am or that he ate cake for breakfast.

Surround yourself with those people.

There may always be times when we feel like we’re getting it wrong.

There will always be those who think that they know better.

And unfortunately there will always be those waiting to pounce and tell us exactly what we should be doing instead.

To those people (and those voices in our head), we say, *ehem repeat after me...”I’m good enough”.




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