Pirate Busy Book | free printable pdf

We’re exploring all things piratey this month so I’ve made a little pirate busy book for our youngest to explore.


Pirates are a fun theme for little ones…if you leave out the gruesome bits! They love hearing about maggots in biscuits and copying all the lingo…’scallywag’ and ‘landlubbers’ 🤣

Pirate busy book free off printable

This busy book is easy to use like all my other free busy books…print it off, cut out the pieces, laminate and add velcro.


This busy book includes a numeracy activity where your can add number cards to each chest and add the correct number of sequins, pieces of pasta etc in each chest. (I keep these small pieces in a plastic envelope that’s secured to the back of the laminated page).

Pirate Busy Book

There’s also a literacy activity and a fun page where your child can turn a picture of themselves into a pirate. 

For this one you’ll need to print and laminate a picture of your child to add to the pack.


Download this Pirate Busy Book for free by clicking the link below…

pirate busy book-min



When you’ve downloaded this busy book remember to look at my other free busy books.

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