Pizza wheels | with hidden vegetables

Pizza wheels | with hidden vegetables

These pizza wheels are brilliant for fussy eaters as they are packed with hidden vegetables!


They are really easy to make and can be frozen (uncooked). We make them for lunches and picnics at least once a week.



Dough Base

500g Strong White Bread Flour

7g sachet years

300ml water

Splash of milk



Tomato Passata

Cooked leftover vegetables e.g. carrots, courgette, sweet potato, onions, mushrooms, spinach…)

Basil and garlic

Tablespoon ketchup



1. Mix flour, yeast, water and milk to form a soft dough.

2. Knead for a few minutes.

3. Leave to stand for an hour. (I skip this step if I’m in a rush…which is most of the time!)

4. Pour passata, cooked veg, basil, garlic and ketchup into a blender. I use our  Nutri Ninja to do this.


5. Roll out the dough to a little over 1cm thick.


6. Spread over some tomato mix (you’ll have enough left to add to pasta or make more pizza a few days later)

Leo’s always loved helping in the kitchen!


7.Sprinkle on a little cheese and roll it up.


8. Use a sharp knife to cut into rounds about an inch thick.


9. Place on a greased baking tray.

10. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes until your pizza wheels look golden.


These pizza wheels make a perfect lunch at home and are ideal to pack for lunch boxes and picnics.


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