Playgrounds Near Me? | Stop Googling and do this instead! [2020]

Playgrounds Near Me? | Stop Googling and do this instead! [2020]

We’ve all been there…frantically typing “playgrounds near me” into Google as our little ones get progressively less patient.


We cross our fingers that our mobile miraculously displays a safe playground (with toilets!) less than 5 minutes away.


But it rarely does.


Then you frantically start trawling Trip Advisor and local Tourist Office websites…you’re starting to get desperate!


You’ll settle for almost anywhere now!


We travel a lot with our kids and we repeated the process above far too many times before discovering this amazing free app that we discovered by chance!

Playgrounds near me
We’ve found some awesome playgrounds on our travels.

Best Playgrounds Near Me | How To Find Them…


First you’ll need to download the free app (you’ll find a link at the end of these instructions) 👇👇👇


I have absolutely no affiliation with this company, I just think that tools like this make parenting so much easier and they only work if enough people use them!


I’m not going to tell you that this free app has every playground on the planet listed, but it has a lot.


Well over 300,000!


A few reviewers complain that it isn’t complete but seriously if you go somewhere and find a new playground that’s not listed then list it…help another parent out!


It takes literally 10 seconds!


So, this is how it works…


How to find playgrounds with this app:

1. Click on the app and either select ‘find playgrounds near me’ or ‘advanced search’ to choose a specific location.

Playgrounds near me


2. Hopefully, you’ll be shown a selection of playgrounds on a map.

Playgrounds near me


3. Click ‘more info’ to find out more.

Find playgrouds near me


4. You can view images (if there are any available) and see a list of on-site facilities.

Find playgrounds near me.


5. Click the top right to view further options.

Find playgrounds near me



6. Clicking ‘directions’ will take you to Google maps where you can follow the map to find the playground.

Find playgrounds near me




You’ve done it!

If you know anyone who might benefit from this app then please share this post with them…

Find A Shaded Playground Near Me?

This app is so popular because it answers the questions that parents want to know.


So whether your seeking shade, a toilet, a baby swing or a picnic table…it should be able to help.


You can download the Playground Buddy app for free:

on itunes

on google play


Please use it and add any new playgrounds that you find on your travels.


Soon, there’ll be no need for any of us to ever google “playgrounds near me” in desperation ever again! 🤣

“Playgrounds Near Me” vs. Our Parenting Hack


Our “playgrounds near me” google searches on our latest trip to Western France revealed absolutely nothing.


A few parks were recommended on Google maps but most were a long distance away and there was no way of finding out what the park was like.


We took a look on the app and this  👇 is what we were directed to in almost every town!


find playgroud near me
Click to pin…


It was so ridiculously easy….until our toddler dropped my phone on the stone floor 😭


I knew we used this app a lot but honestly, I didn’t realise quite how much we depended on it when we were away from home.


We were stuck to driving around aimlessly in towns, hoping to spot somewhere fun to park up for a while.


With only my partner’s ancient phone to help us, we were stuck googling ‘playgrounds near me!’ once again! 😭

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