Reusable Pass The Parcel | Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Reusable Pass The Parcel | Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

If your arranging a zero waste or low waste party then why not make a reusable pass the parcel!


My four year old requested a game of pass the parcel at the little pre-Christmas party that we’re throwing for friends.


So, when we visited my in-laws today it seemed too good to be true when my mother-in-law showed me her Christmassy stash of fabrics (old skirts, dresses etc).


So, rather than use gift wrap and cheap plastic toys I’ve sewn some bags and bought a bundle of pre-loved ZhuZhu hamsters on Ebay for a couple of pounds.


Now, I am not a talented seamstress and I’m not often seen with a measuring tape.


I like to guess and make-do so if your of a similar nature then my “how to make reusable pass the parcel bags” instructions are for you!


You can watch the video here or if you prefer to read them then scroll down…


How to make reusable pass the parcel bags


1. Prepare your fabric

If you’re using a preloved item of clothing then work out the best way to get the most out if it.


If it has sleeves then they can be used to make small bags by sewing along the bottom and using pinking shears along the top.


Some fabrics will benefit from being ironed too.


2. Cut and sew 

Reusable pass the parcel bags

Cut the shape you want (slightly bigger to allow for hem) and fold it so both right-sides are on the inside.


I used pinking shears in this one for a different look and to avoid hemming the top.



Now, sew all open sides except the top of the bag.


3.Turn your bag the right way.

Reusable pass the parcel

Once you’ve stitched it all and turned in right-side out it should look a bit like this.


4. Add a ribbon.

There are loads of options for closing your reusable pass the parcel bags…


Buttons, ribbons, velcro, zips, poppers…


I like the idea of using velcro as it gives kids a similar ripping sensations to wrapping paper…but I didn’t have any.


Instead, I turned to my ‘string odds and ends’ jar and used its contents instead.


To add a simple tie to your fabric gift bag them just place the string where you want it and stitch it in place (at one-point).


5. Repeat.


reusable pass the parcel


Now repeat the process until you have enough bags in ever increasing sizes!



These reusable pass the parcel bags  will also come in really handy for wrapping Christmas presents too.


I’d love to hear how you get on with making your own reusable pass the parcel bags.

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