Self Isolation Gifts | Thoughtful Gifts For Self-Isolating Loved Ones

Self Isolation Gifts | Thoughtful Gifts For Self-Isolating Loved Ones

Self Isolation Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

We’ve put together a lovely selection of self isolation gifts  that are perfect for family and friends.


The realization is beginning to sink in…our parents and loved ones will be self-isolating for some time.


Keeping them safe is top priority and (in the grand scheme of things) gift giving pales into insignificance.


That said, this is a difficult time for everyone and a thoughtful self isolation gift could really help to boost the moral of those who are stuck inside and help us to remain connected.


So, here’s our collection of thoughtful self isolation gift ideas that you can buy or make yourself…let me know if you have any to add!  Some links may be affiliate.


Buy Self Isolation Gifts

1. Netflix or Prime subscription

A subscription to Netflix or Prime film will entertain the recipient for hours and hours.

With hilarious movies, addictive series and informative documentaries there really is something to suit everyone.

You can even sign up to Netflix Party and watch together online!


2. A nature journal 

self isolation gifts

Many people will be struggling with having their time spent outside limited by lockdown rules.

If you’re looking for a self isolation gift for someone without a garden then a nature journal might help them to feel more connected to the outdoors.

They can observe nature through their window or draw their observations sat on a patio.


3. A board game.

There are lots of boardgames that can be played solo. Bananagram is one of our favourites.

self isolation gifts

If your loved one has little ones then they might enjoy these boardgames for toddlers that they can play together.


4. Watercolour set.

Self isolation gift suggestions

Creative friends and family may appreciate some water colours so that they can spend their time creatively.

Painting is great for mental health and wellbeing…

One big benefit of art therapy is its ability to calm the nervous system: When we’re focused on creating, our attention shifts away from worrisome ruminations.

Psych Central


5. Crotchet kit.

self isolation gifts

Another gift to get your recipient creating during lockdown.

Maybe it’s something they’ve always wanted to try but never had a chance to do. Now is the time to learn!


6. Gardening kit with organic, ethical seeds

Was there ever more of a reason to get outside in the fresh air and grow your own food!?

If outside space is limited then a windowsill is great for growing salad leaves.

We’ve got lots of posts for those who dream of self sufficiency.


7. DIY kit (buy a flat pack bookshelf and they’ll be sorted for at least 4 weeks!) 

Seriously though, if your loved one is feeling up to it then it’s a good time to get the house sorted.


8. Crosswords

self isolation gifts

While away some time with a puzzle or 200!


9. A local milk delivery subscription

One of the difficult things about self isolation is not being able to just pop out to the shops when you need something.

There are loads of environmental benefits to finding local milk delivery too so why not help your loved one and the planet out!


10. Veg box subscription 

Similarly, a delivery of fresh, seasonal and local vegetables would make an amazing gift.


11. A fruit tree

An amazing addition to any garden and a great future investment.


12. Digital book subscription 

If you’re buying a self isolation gift for a bit of a bookworm then a digital book subscription might be just the thing!

13. Disney + subscription 

Subscribe to watch Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

14. Jigsaw

self isolation gifts

A jigsaw will be a good self isolation gift for a loved one who enjoys a challenge!


15. Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are great for calming anxiety and improving sleep.


An essential oil diffuser is a lovely addition to any home and a gentle way of using essential oils.

self isolation gifts


(If you’ll be diffusing essential oils around babies and children read this first).


18. A colouring book

A beautiful colouring book will help brighten your loved ones day.

self isolation gifts

19. ITunes gift card.

Your loved one can dance and sing their way through self isolation with this giftcard.


DIY Self Isolation Gifts

If you prefer to gift handmade then you’ll love these handmade self isolation gifts…


1. Day-out Jar

Write some places you want to take your loved ones on pieces of paper and pop them in a jar.  Things like ‘a picnic at the park, the zoo, the cinema.’ When things improve they can select a day out at random for you to enjoy together.

Tokens can be sent electronically too.


2. Make them a cute pebble bug.

Just because!


3. A gratitude jar

The health benefits of practicing gratitude have been well documented. Cut up little strips of paper and on each one write the reasons you are grateful for your loved one.

You’ll find a template in our kids gratitude activities booklet (it’s free!)


When they’ve read them all suggest that they add to the gratitude jar each evening with their own thoughts.


4. Arrange a digital games night

There are loads of games to play on FaceTime. Anything from Monopoly to destroying each others Worms!

Games to play with kids while lying down
Click to read post…


5. A photo album 

Put together a collection of your favourite times together and leave plenty of blank spaces to fill after lockdown.

Even better if you can include some photos if you all playing some fun FaceTime games together!


6. Video chat as you dine together.

Arrange to eat at the same time or order take out and dine together.


7. Video chat as you watch a movie together. 

Sign up to Netflix Party and watch together.


8. Car picnic

You may not be able to meet up properly but why not drive to a pretty spot (depending on self isolation rules). Park up next to each other for a picnic.  Bring your phones so you can put speakerphone on.


9. Make them an animation

Make your loved one a fun animation.

This is much much easier than it sounds using the ‘I Can Animate’ app.


10. Write some IOUs to be redeemed at a later date.

This gift can be given electronically too so is great for those high risk loved ones.

Write some IOU tokens…I owe you a trip to feed the ducks. I owe you a cinema date.

Choose things you know they’ll love.


We’ve also put together some great self isolation birthday present ideas here (friends, family and kids!)


If you’re self isolating with kids then take a look at these amazing free home education resources , great boardgames for toddlers, and fun learning apps for kids.


Any other ideas for thoughtful self isolation gifts for loved ones?


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