Stone Age Activities | free 35+ page caveman printables

Stone Age Activities | free 35+ page caveman printables

Caveman Activity Ideas For Kids


Our boys are fascinated by all things pre-history so this week I put together 38 Stone Age activities for us to complete over the next few weeks. (You can download all of my Stone Age Printables for free – link below).


It is the first of several history themed home education projects we have planned as we work along our timeline towards present day.

Stone age activities



Fun Caveman Activities

Prehistory is a fascinating topic and there are so many fun activities that help us learn about our early ancestors.

Here are a few of the ideas included in my free Stone Age Printable that you can download here:

1. Archeological dig – bury some interesting objects (shells, pottery, sea glass, coins) in sand or dirt. 

Stone age activities

2. Pieces of a puzzle – hide pieces of a broken pot in sand. Child uncovered in and tries to rebuild it using masking tape.

3. The Paleolithic Period – draw your family as hominids (early humans).

4. Stone Age Tools – show the image of early tools and talk about what they might have been used for.

5. A Real Stone Age Tool – give your  child a real stone age arrow head and ask them to draw what they think it was used for. You can buy them cheaply on eBay.

6. Design Your Own Tool – Using the knowledge they’ve gained ask your child to design a tool and then try to make it together. 

7. Design Your Own Caveman Outfit – compare our clothes to what an early human might have worn. We made a pair of slippers too based loosely on these 5500 year old shoes.

8. Stone Age Me – cut out a photo of your child’s face and glue to a piece of card. Ask them to decorate it so they look like a caveman. They can use crayons, paint or collage materials.

9. Stone Age Eye Spy – give them a picture of a stone age scene and ask them to spot specifics like a woolly mammoth or a stone tool.

10. The Caveman Next Door – read ‘The Cavemen Next Door’ and make a Venn diagram of all the things that a Caveman would/wouldn’t recognise. 

11. Stone Age Jewelry – use natural objects (shells, stones, bone, shark teeth, antlers) to make your own necklace. 

12. Paviland Cave – imagine you were an early human sat outside Paviland Cave 34,000 years ago, looking over a vast hunting plain. Draw or paint what it might have looked like. This plain is now under the Bristol Channel!

13. Paleolithic Cave – make your own cave scene using paper mache.

14. Hunter Gatherer – test your hunting skills by finding the hidden woolly mammoths and saver tooth tigers. (printables available).

15. Cave Painting – use only natural materials to create our own cave paintings on paper/ a wall/ patio or fence. 

16. Mesolithic Homes – Design Your Own Mesolithic stone age and go outside to build it.

17. Wolf Silhouettes – early humans domesticated wolves to help them during hunting expeditions and to protect them from predators. Cut out some wolf silhouettes and glue them to a printed background. 

18. Stone Carvings – roll out some clay and use a stick or similar to ‘carved into it.

19. The Neolithic – during the neolithic, sea levels rose and covered  Doggerland (land that is now the North Sea). Use a messy play tray to explore what happens when sea levels rise.

20. Neolithic Homes – In Neolithic times, people lived in houses built of stone. Use cardboard boxes, blankets etc to make your own houses.

21. Make Neolithic Bread – use stones to grind your own wheat to make some simple Stone Age Flatbreads.

22. Stone Age Pots – use clay to make your own stone age pot. Use caveman techniques to decorate them too (imprinting shells etc).

23. Stone Age Homes – use the knowledge gained to create a stone age scene for each period…i.e. Cave, wooden shelter, stone building.


24. Stone Monuments – build your own mini monument.


25. Cooking On Fire – try out one of the recipes included in my Caveman Printables.

Other fun caveman activities:

26. Dress up as cavemen.


27. Make a papier mache axe.


28. Go foraging (carefully) for edibles like blackberries.


29. Set up some prehistoric toy figures to play.


30. Enjoy some caveman books.

31. Caveman sticker book.

32. Use clay to make a cavemen bone necklace.


33. Make a caveman tunic using animal print fleece.


34. Have a go at archery (you can get cheap magnetic sets) and practice your addition in the process.


35. Make up a Stone Age Comic Strip.

Remember, you can download my free Stone Age printable worksheets in this post.


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  • Thank you for sharing your ideas. I can’t download the free printables about stone age. Are they still available.
    Thanks again.

  • Dear Amy

    Thank you very, very much for taking the time to do this wonderful work. I will be using it in my classes to teach them about the Stone Age.

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    (P.S. I am a teacher in Spain).

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