Stop Asking Me What School Our Toddler Is Going To.

Stop Asking Me What School Our Toddler Is Going To.

I’m sat writing this when I have a million other things I should be doing…because I’m annoyed! I told myself that I wouldn’t blog while annoyed…


But…I was asked ‘that’ question again today…”What school will he be going to?”

“We’re going travelling”, I have no problem replying…”We’ll be starting  in France for nine months”.

My response is apparently not sufficient.

“Where will he go to school in France?”

“He won’t” I say and explain that we’re both teachers and we’ll be home schooling our three year old.

“Oh well, he’ll still be young enough to fit into school when you get back”


I’ve had this conversation numerous times with numerous people…some even frequently ask the same questions. Some are all too willing to share their views on the ‘home schooled’ others seem unable to comprehend an alternative.


Which part of school exactly do people think we’re depriving our child of!? 


Why is not sending our child to school at age 3.5 years so totally unfathomable!?


I’ve spoken before about why we’ve chosen to world school…why it’s best for our family at this time. My intention for sharing my thoughts about the benefits of world schooling wasn’t to try and convince anyone that school is a terrible place that will mess up their kids. It was about telling people that there are other options. But, when someone implies that I’m somehow messing up my child because he’s not going to school…it makes my skin crawl!


Parents who homeschool are unfairly scrutinised…

The kids look scruffy.

They aren’t learning enough.

How will they ever learn to talk to people.


The poor children are judged and doomed to a lifetime of failure…

He won’t get a job if he doesn’t go to school.

She’ll have to learn to sit quietly at some point.

Aren’t home schooled kids always a bit ‘odd’ ?


In my years of working in Education, I’ve met plenty of kids who couldn’t sit still, kids who were a little ‘different’, kids who were rude, kids who were bright, kids who struggled.

Children are children, wherever they learn. They’re different. Not because they’re home schooled or world schooled or unschooled…or schooled.


There is no schooled vs  home schooled…no ‘them’ and ‘us’…it’s just learning.

Some kids thrive in school…some don’t.


Many home schooled children do have various ‘issues’. Their parents often chose to de-register them because the school system failed them. They aren’t ‘messed up’ or ‘naughty’ because they’re home schooled. Home schooling is the chance they’ve been given. It will hopefully help them to gain confidence in their own abilities again. To ‘find’ themselves.


Our boys will be who they are because it’s who they are. Not because they’re ‘home schooled’. Although, I do hope that world schooling will help give them the confidence to discover who they are without so many negative peer influences.


So, to anyone concerned, I can assure you that our boys won’t be missing out on anything. They won’t be any less knowledgable, sociable or capable than their schooled peers. 


We’ve been teaching our boys since the day they were born and we’ll continue to teach them.


Remember, the way you educate your children is your choice.

4 thoughts on “Stop Asking Me What School Our Toddler Is Going To.”

  • Great and passionate post! I cringe when I think about the expectations I had when I taught Reception. What your boys will gain can’t fit neatly in to a curriculum. It will be way more than that! What a wonderful adventure for you all. Extra time with Mummy and Daddy – priceless. You should write more when you’re angry!

    • Haha! Thanks Sally! I totally know what you mean. I look back at 21 year old me teaching four year olds. I wasn’t a super strict teacher but I still had no idea what was ‘normal’ behaviour at that age. It’s such a shame that real child development isn’t taught during teacher training…rather than they should be able to do x, y and z!

  • Thankfully…I’ve not ever encountered much of this stupidity and ignorance. My mother ( British) had no idea that home ed was even a thing. She thought it was illegal, but her stupid comments… ( “will the school come and test them ?” and ” he’ll grow up a sissy.”) were the only REALLY stupid comments we’ve had. We started homeschooling in Australia where outside school education is far more common and normal. People really need educating and people like you and I are where it starts,. Keep up the great work. But seriously….the fact that you’re that magical thing ” a teacher”, the holder of all knowledge…even that doesn’t shut them up? Unreal.
    My elder one went to school briefly, it was a terrible school and he actually went backwards rather than forward as the teachers were poorly educated and could barely use the English language. He also picked up racism and swearing within weeks. We pulled him out. My younger one has never been. They are now 14 and 11 and awesome kids. And no, he’s not a “sissy”. Go you!

    • Thanks Alyson
      I’m glad you’ve not had much of it. I cant believe how young the comments start! I have had one parent say “that says a lot about the state of schools ” when i said we were teachers. Will be interesting to see what we get on france where home ed is really uncommon!

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