The Nasty Side of Travelling…

We’ve been planning our families adventure for around 7 months and only left home less than a month ago.

But in that time we’ve been really surprised by the negativity that we’ve received.

Thankfully, we’ve had several positive comments too but it still hurts to be judged.

I’m not talking hundreds of nasty comments…more a gradual trickle of negativity that I didn’t foresee.

I have to say that I don’t get it…

Deciding to travel with our boys was something we thought about for a long time…it’s not a decision we made lightly.

We did it for our own mental health and because we’d rather do something and fail than regret not doing it.

So let’s clarify a few things…

No, we don’t hate where we came from.

We love our home country…Wales. It’s mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, coastline.

But, we want to see more beautifully places and learn from other cultures too.

We want our boys to grow into open-minded adults and true global citizens. We don’t want their future dictated by the ‘but we’ve always done things this way’ attitude.

Yes, our kids do need stability.

Of course they need stability and we give it to them…100%.

Our boys are the main reason we left Wales. We want travel to be a part of their lives. I’ve written before about why we want to world school.

We’re not packing them off to a new school in every country we visit. We’ve brought their favourite toys. We’re travelling slowly and their needs come first. (As a result we’re mostly visiting playgrounds!)

We’re not travelling the world just yet but we want them to be open and positive to the idea when it happens. To be honest, we’re testing the waters and making it up as we go along.

No we’re not loaded!

This idea that people who travel are loaded is so not true!

Go and chat to the interesting folk on the Living Differently Facebook Group if you don’t believe me!

We’ve both always been in education or working (until I had my first child three years ago).

Having children was a turning point for us. After becoming a mother I didn’t want to go back to being physically and emotionally drained by what was supposed to be a 9-5 job. I didn’t want to see my husband burnt out from teaching and driving nearly an hour to work each day.

So, we reduced our spending massively. We stopped eating out, bought second-hand clothes and toys and put our house on Airbnb (read how here)

We saved £40,000 in a few years, on one low salary (we had two salaries for 9 months) and maternity pay.

Yes, we’re lucky in the sense that we had a job and a house but so do lots of people.

We choose what’s important to us in this life. If you’re eating out, drinking in bars, smoking, shopping in M & S, buying baby clothes in Next or driving a fancy car…good for you if it makes you happy but you could also afford to travel if you chose to! You don’t have to be loaded.

No, we don’t think we’re better than anyone else

I think if you blog or share stories on social media then you open yourself up to nasty comments. It’s sad but true.

I’ve had total strangers get quite offended by pretty tame posts. A few have hated my post about ocean safe sunscreen!

We share stories of our families adventures because we want to document them. Because there will always be people thinking similar thoughts to you. People who are truly interested in your story.

I doubt if we would have gotten the courage to leave the UK if we hadn’t stumbled upon the World Travel Family blog. Maybe one day we’ll inspire another young family to follow their hearts!

No, we’re not seeking happiness.

We’re not ‘ungrateful millennials’ that ‘always expect things to be good fun’.

We are happy, we are grateful, we are willing to work hard. But, we also recognise when something needs to change. When we need different for a while.

It’s so easy to pigeon-hole anyone who has a view that differs from ours. It’s also easy to oppose change and to react negatively to it.

We want to be the happiest us that we can be…how can anyone be offended by that!?

It’s your life…own it!

How many hours have been wasted moaning, regretting, worrying and judging!? I dread to think!

I cried every night after work for a year. Then got another job that made me ill for several years and triggered terrible health anxiety.

It distracted me on my wedding day and throughout our honeymoon. It controlled me for over a year.

I let people influence my thoughts, I let people bully and control me and I didn’t think enough of myself to stop it.


For me, having children made me realise that life is far too precious to waste moaning, blaming and comparing yourself to others.

Take ownership of your life. If you’re privileged enough to live in a part of the world where you can do that then do it…now!

We’ve spent far too long doing what we were supposed to be doing…

Now we’re doing a little of what we want…and we’re not sorry if it offends anyone!






5 thoughts on “The Nasty Side of Travelling…”

  • Ignore them. They don’t get it. They probably never will get it.
    I’ve actually had very little of this but neither of us started from a “home town” where jealousy and resentment would be much of an issue.
    In a few years when you’ve got into the swing of things, started making a good living from your site ( as I do) and proved that your new lifestyle and income are fun, awesome and profitable….gently shove it down their miserable throats 🙂
    Until then just grow a thicker skin.
    Let it go.

  • We left home for travelling with our daughter a montj ago and we only met people who are excited an positiv to our way of live. We wish you the very best.

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