20 fun things to do with babies outside

How to entertain baby outside?

There are so mant fun things to do with babies outside. Which is great because not only is getting outdoors great for baby but it’s also great for parents.

Research also shows that children who play outside are more likely to grow up caring about their natural world…so if you ever needed a reason to start them young there you have it!

1. Explore…

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that give us the most enjoyment.  You can spend a lot of time wandering around your garden or the park just looking at and talking about what you see, smell, feel and hear.

If you have a herb garden or a patch of grass then let baby get up close and explore. Watch them closely as babies have a tendency to explore new things by putting them straight in their mouth…not such a problem with herbs but mine always managed to find any nearby pebbles!



2. Rose petal play

I like to cut back any flowers that are past their best in the garden and my kids love it because they get to play with the petals! 

Rose petals are perfect for this because they are edible and smell lovely. Herb leaves work well too.

Throw them up in the air, scatter them over their legs or gently blow them off your hands.

Mesmerizing to watch!


3. Balls

Bring a few soft balls and roll them back and forwards to each other.


4. Chalk

Older babies can start discovering mark making with outdoor chalks.


5. Sand

A small sand pit with a bucket and spade is a fun activity for babies.

Great for developing hand eye coordination and exploring new textures.


6. Walking practice 

Hold your little ones hands and walk around together.  

If it’s dry then try barefoot and if it’s wet you could try splashing in puddles.


7. Paddling pool

Babies love to splash around in water. It’s a brilliant way for them to learn cause and effect i.e. I hit the water and it shoots up.

Add a few boats or balls that float for even more fun.


8. Singing

Head outside and sing some nature themed songs together. You could even bring a few instruments!


9. Say “hi”

My eldest loved walking around the garden saying hello to everything we saw. He would save and I would say “hi trees” or “hello butterfly”.


10. Say night night

Similar to the game above but when it’s close to bedtime we’d walk around and say goodnight to the sheep, sunshine and flowers. 

Perfect for those hot evenings when baby is having trouble settling. 


11. Bubbles

Set out a blanket and blow some bubbles. 

If your baby is older then they can try and pop the bubbles…a great gross motor activity. 


12. Nature walk

Walk with your little one or pop them in the carrier or sling and go on a nature walk. 

Talk about what you can see and stop to admire anything you find beautiful or interesting.

Tula carrier for newborn

13. Pick your own

Lots of soft fruit growers offer pick-your-own sessions and it is a brilliant your little one is eating solids.

Choose an organic or pesticide free site as soft fruits are often heavily sprayed and treated with fungicide.


14. Petting farm

Babies are fascinated by animals so petting zoos are a lovely trip to take together.


15. Water 

Water trays are fantastic if your baby can stand as they are standing height.

Use a sunshade if it’s sunny out and enjoy splashing together. 


16. Messy play

Messy play trays are awesome for little ones but you’ll also get lots of use out if it as your child grows.

Cheeriod and a few toy tractors. Ice cubes and toy penguins.  The possibilities are endless!


17. Picnic 

A massive picnic blanket is top of our outdoor essentials for babies list.

Pack up some nibbles and dine together outside.  


18. Swings

A simple swing set can keep a baby entertained for ages!

As soon as your baby is strong enough they will be able to enjoy the swinging sensation.

You can take them to the park of get a swing for your own garden.


19. Hammock 

A hammock or swing chair outside offers the perfect place to chill together.

Listen to music, read or sing to your little one.

If they doze off then you are in the perfect place to have a little rest yourself!


20. Read

Grab a blanket and head outside with some of your favourite story books.

21. Mirror play

This idea is so lovely…


What are your favourite fun things to do with babies outside?


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