Toy Rescue | A Preschool Activity That Makes Writing Fun

Toy Rescue |  A Preschool Activity That Makes Writing Fun

Toy Rescue is fast-paced game that’s sure to get preschoolers interested in reading and writing.


It can be easily adapted depending on what you want your child to learn. So, you can play a colours version or choose a rhyming words setup instead.


Like the Fishing Letters Activity the activity in this example focuses on letter recognition and gives preschoolers a chance to practice their writing skills.


The Setup

You will need:

  • Letters
  • A4 paper to be your keypad.
  • Pen.
  • Laundry basket.
  • Favourite toys.


What to do:

  • Choose the letters/words that you want your child to practice and hide them around the room.
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I ‘hid’ some magnetic letters for my almost 3 year old and 3 letter words for my 4 year old.


  • Draw 5 or 6 squares on your paper…this is now your keypad and will be used to enter the secret code!
  • Pop the favourite toys under the laundry basket so that they appear trapped.
  • Leave it all set-up and wait for your child to find.



How To Play


  • Tell the kids that the toys have been trapped and need rescuing by unlocking the keypad.
  • Find each hidden letter/word and bring it back to the ‘keypad’.
  • When they find a letter they should read out the letter/ word before copying it into the box on the keypad.


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  • When they’ve found them all and complete the keypad the prison will open and the toys will be free!


Played this version with our two year old. Find a toy for each colour…with one

Have fun!

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