Travelling Essentials: For When Kids Get Sick

Travelling Essentials: For When Kids Get Sick

Our nearly three year old usually spends his holidays running around happily pretending to be Spiderman with anyone that’ll join in. Today however he’s in bed. The sun is beaming through the windows of our lakeside cabin in Bluestone, Pembrokeshire…and we’re stuck indoors. We’ve been a few times since having children and it’s definitely our favourite short stay destination. This time however, his third birthday treat is turning out to be more snotty tissues and cuddles rather than the adventure filled days we’d planned!

So, how do you cope with a poorly child away from home. Here are a few tips from a Mum who’s poor children always seem to be ill!:

1. Emergency contacts – do some research before you go. Find out where the nearest doctor/ hospital is. Make a note of contact numbers on your phone. Hopefully you won’t need them but it’ll be much easier than struggling to find the information with screaming children and failing wifi signal!

2. Pack painkillers – we really don’t like to give our boys too much medication but sometimes it’s the only thing that works. Bring your own from home…especially important if your travelling abroad. There’s nothing worse than trying to work out which medication to buy (often in another language)…and that’s if you’re lucky enough to be able to find a pharmacy!

3Decongestants – I always pack some Snufflebabe as our boys are terrible at sleeping with blocked noses. A small amount makes them feel a lot more comfortable.

4. Baby carrier – I used our Tula every single day until my boys were more mobile (they hated pushchairs until around 11 months). Now it’s only used in emergencies really when our youngest just can’t be soothed any other way. I always bring it away with us as it’s a really simple way of keeping our baby happy while still being free to continue the holiday fun!

5. Pushchair -an obvious one if you have babies or toddlers but not easy to pack! If we ever travel without one we regret it! We’ve found this Stroller folds small and is lightweight. It’s also lasted well with our two heavy boys!

6Waterproof bag – useful for storing dirty clothes after an accident! These are totally leakproof and great for carrying uchy items until they can be washed!

7. Home comforts  However much entertainment there is going to be at our destination, we always pack some DVDs, kids tablet and books.Something to keep a poorly toddler occupied if they feel too unwell to get out and about.

8. Something for yourself – don’t forget you! Sleepless nights aren’t fun so be prepared! Bring whatever helps get you through the early hours at home! Chocolate, a magazine, a cosy hoodie. And rest when you can. Don’t worry about missing out on the holiday…just get some sleep whenever you can and you’ll be able to join in again feeling refreshed!

It can be especially difficult when children are ill on holiday. Often, a lot of time, money and energy has gone into trying to make sure everyone has a great time. When illness strikes it can ruin even the best made plans. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or the holiday…there will be others! Take out travel insurance too if possible as you’ll be able to claim back any holiday cancellations you need to make.

Tell yourself that there will be other adventures…but for now, getting better is the priority!

Do you have any handy tips for travelling with little ones?




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