Valentine’s Day Gift Idea | you rock…let’s stick together!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea | you rock…let’s stick together!

DIY Gift For Someone You Love


We don’t really make a big deal of Valentine’s day but I thought it would be a nice idea for the boys to make little something for their Grandparents (and me 🤣!)


It also seemed like a great way to shrink the pile of rocks and sticks that is getting bigger by the day!


So, I designed some little cards that I think are kinda cute…


Valentine's gift diy kids rock stick printable fre


I’ve shared the free pdf printable below so that you can make your own.



1. Print design (Valentine’s Day Gift Printable | stick together + you rock).

2. Glue to card.

3. Cut out each card neatly.

4. Colour the card (we just did the hearts).

5. Either glue (with glue gun) or tie a stick or rock to each heart. If using string then you’ll need to pierce the little holes in the card. I just used a sharp pencil and pushed through into some playdough.


Valentine's gift you rock printable
A glittery rock we found on a beautiful beach in Brittany…we collect a rock when we visit a cool new place!


There you are…a really simple but lovely Valentine’s gift idea for someone you love.


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